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Supraland Achievements

Full list of Supraland achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Supraland has 59 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Out of bed Out of bed 0 Made your first step 5
The Blues The Blues 0 Find out what they are up to 5
Fast Fast 0 Unlocked Speed x2 5
Force Cube Force Cube 0 Bought a Force Cube 5
Healthbar Healthbar 0 Found a healthbar 5
Double Jump Double Jump 0 Bought Double Jump Upgrade 5
Regeneration Regeneration 0 Got Health Regeneration Upgrade 5
Triple Jump Triple Jump 0 Bought Triple Jump Upgrade 5
Climb the hill Climb the hill 0 Reached top of the hill 10
MacGuffin MacGuffin 0 Drive the plot forward 20
Just Once Just Once 0 Not even once? Nothing is being cooked 10
True holy spirit True holy spirit 0 Infiltrated the unholy spirit 10
Armor Armor 0 Found Armor 5
That's how electronics work obviously That's how electronics work obviously 0 1337 Hacker 5
Force Cube Catapult Force Cube Catapult 0 Opened the way to the blue crystal 5
Through the fire pipe Through the fire pipe 0 The first secret area in the game 10
Holy Sword Holy Sword 0 Found holy sword upgrade 20
Freed from prison Freed from prison 0 Freed yourself with the new gun 10
Stomp Stomp 0 Got the Stomp upgrade 20
Telefrag Telefrag 0 Found Telefrag Upgrade 20
Buckle Buckle 0 Found yourself a shiny new accessoire 20
Rattle Hag Rattle Hag 0 He was just big 30
Green Keycard Green Keycard 0 Crafted a green keycard 10
Purple Cube Purple Cube 0 Solved the facility secret puzzle 20
Double Health Double Health 0 Fruits give you double health 10
All Shells All Shells 0 Found all magic shells 30
Supraball Noob Supraball Noob 0 That ain't gonna impress the ladies 20
Beam Beam 0 I can now draw purple lines 20
Strong Strong 0 Lots of Muscles 20
Helped a star Helped a star 0 Leave me alone! 20
Health Drink Health Drink 0 Nom nom 10
Robbed Robbed 0 Oh no, all my stuff! 10
Infiltrated Infiltrated 0 Sneaked into Blue Ville 10
Got the coins back Got the coins back 0 So many coins... 10
Blue King's lair Blue King's lair 0 Arrived in the throne room, finally... 20
Got the gun back Got the gun back 0 The favourite of all MacGuffins 20
Payback Payback 0 Nom nom nom nom 10
9 9 0 Perfect 5/7 experience 5
Yellow Shot Button Yellow Shot Button 0 Activated a yellow button 10
Gold Scam Gold Scam 0 Scam someone with fake gold 10
Gold Scam Uncovered Gold Scam Uncovered 0 Identified fake gold 20
Cave Flies Cave Flies 0 Managed to handle the cave flies 10
Translocator Translocator 0 Got your cousins mysterious gun 20
Fire Flies Fire Flies 0 Burned some wood 10
Panic Lights Panic Lights 0 Made the coward run faster 10
Momentum Momentum 0 Learned how to use Ball Momentum 20
Moon Door Moon Door 0 Opened the moon door 30
Through the tiny pipe Through the tiny pipe 0 Wow. 10
Win! Win! 0 You brought water back to your people 50
Well deserved Well deserved 0 He had it coming... 10
Super Sword Super Sword 0 Moons delivered 30
Happiness Happiness 0 All you could ever want... 30
Invisible Wall Invisible Wall 0 Meet the adventurer at the big blue pipe 30
Shelf filled Shelf filled 0 Found all dead heroes 50
Redstone Pickaxe Redstone Pickaxe 0 How did you even craft this? 10
Groupies Groupies 0 Got yourself 2 groupies at home 30
Poor ancestors Poor ancestors 0 All Spawn Points Destroyed 50
Jesus Christ Suprastar Jesus Christ Suprastar 0 Get Mr. Miracle some groupies 30
All Chests All Chests 0 OCD fixed 50