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Monster Sanctuary Achievements

Full list of Monster Sanctuary achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Monster Sanctuary has 34 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

New Best Friend New Best Friend 0 Hatch first monster 5
Gotta Hatch 'em All! Gotta Hatch 'em All! 0 Obtain all monsters 100
Monster Tamer Monster Tamer 0 Win 200 wild enounters 30
Teamwork! Teamwork! 0 Achieve at least a 25 x Combo 30
Incoming! Incoming! 0 Deal over 10,000 damage in a single hit 30
You'll Never See It Coming You'll Never See It Coming 0 Defeat all monsters in a single turn 15
Strategist Strategist 0 Five-star a battle 15
Practice Makes Perfect! Practice Makes Perfect! 0 Receive a 5 star score in the Champion Challenge 15
Champion of Champions Champion of Champions 0 Receive 5 star scores against all Champions 75
Why Would You Ever Leave? Why Would You Ever Leave? 0 Enter the Land of Blobs 50
Wanderlust Wanderlust 0 Uncover the whole map 75
Friendly Neighbourhood Friendly Neighbourhood 0 Help out a resident of the Sanctuary 15
Keep It Fresh Keep It Fresh 0 Upgrade 50 pieces of gear 15
Path to Infinity Path to Infinity 0 Complete twenty five battles in the Infinity Arena OR PvP 15
Nothing Left to Teach Nothing Left to Teach 0 Beat all of Trainer Gotthelm's challenges 30
Spoils of War Spoils of War 0 Receive a reward from the Monster Army 10
Centurion Centurion 0 Donate 100 Monsters to the Monster Army 50
Champion Hunter Champion Hunter 0 Become A Keeper Lancer 15
Legend of the Sanctuary Legend of the Sanctuary 0 Become a Keeper Master 50

Secret Achievements

The Keepers' Trail The Keepers' Trail 0 Complete Old Buran's training 10
Ariadne's Thread Ariadne's Thread 0 Calm the Blue Caves 15
Dungeon Master Dungeon Master 0 Confront the Alchemists in the Library 15
Become as Gobs Become as Gobs 0 Defeat the Goblin King 15
Cassandra's Wisdom Cassandra's Wisdom 0 Pass the Oracle's test 15
Icarus' Folly Icarus' Folly 0 Restore balance to the Sun Palace 30
Dread Pirate Carter Dread Pirate Carter 0 Recover long lost treasure 30
Vulcan's Forge Vulcan's Forge 0 Prove a worthy opponent 30
Persephone's Journey Persephone's Journey 0 Explore the forbidden catacombs 30
All Seeing Mad Eye All Seeing Mad Eye 0 Uncover the source of Marduk's powers 30
Tower of Secrets Tower of Secrets 0 Defeat Marduk 100
Beautiful Plumage Beautiful Plumage 0 Obtain a shifted monster 10
Metamorphosis Metamorphosis 0 Evolve a monster 10
Illusionist Illusionist 0 Receive a Tanuki Egg 15
Off The Beaten Path Off The Beaten Path 0 Discover a hidden room entrance 5