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Cave Digger Achievements

Full list of Cave Digger achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Cave Digger has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Blind Pass Blind Pass 0 Toss a valuable into the bin without looking 50
My Preciousss My Preciousss 0 Bring a valuable with you to a new run 50
Frutti Di Spelunca Frutti Di Spelunca 0 Eat a mushroom 50
I Have The Power I Have The Power 0 Use only a pickaxe for the duration of a run 10
Mine Everything Mine Everything 0 Mine every valuable from a single floor 50
Luck With The Drill Luck With The Drill 0 Drill an oil pocket without scanning 50
End: Apocalypse End: Apocalypse 0 You brought about nuclear war. Great job! 50
End: Nuke the overworld End: Nuke the overworld 0 Trigger the nuke in the saloon 50
End: Space Elevator End: Space Elevator 0 Launch yourself into space 50
End: Dimensional War End: Dimensional War 0 Send the nuke into another dimension 50
End: Unlock the Mystery Vault End: Unlock the Mystery Vault 0 Find the 4 keys and unlock the ultimate secret 50
End: Chaos Gauntlet End: Chaos Gauntlet 0 Become a new deity 50
End: Useless Tech End: Useless Tech 0 Unlock Self referential irony mode 50
Choooo! Choooo! Choooo! Choooo! 0 Unlock the Train 10
All maxed out All maxed out 0 Buy all the upgrades to town 50
It buuuuurns It buuuuurns 0 Die by poison 50
Feed me with treasures Feed me with treasures 0 Find the pet 50
Mr. Conductor Mr. Conductor 0 Drive 5km on the train 50
I got the cash baby I got the cash baby 0 Reach 20k monies 50
Party in the caves Party in the caves 0 Fully upgrade sound systems on train 50
Using cactus from now on Using cactus from now on 0 Drop the toilet paper in the chasm 10
Space whaling Space whaling 0 Spend all your money for no return 10
End: Groovy Ending End: Groovy Ending 0 Groovy, man 20
To rule them all To rule them all 0 Find a hidden Magic Ring 10
Fetch, girl! Fetch, girl! 0 Feed Mimi a dynamite 10
End: Annunaki End: Annunaki 0 Meet the makers 20