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Last Oasis Achievements

Full list of Last Oasis achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Last Oasis has 40 achievements worth 1125 gamerscore

You can’t take the sand from me You can’t take the sand from me 0 Built a Firefly Walker 10
Food chain Food chain 0 Killed a Phemke 10
Primal Instinct Primal Instinct 0 Killed a Rupu 10
Walking Machine Walking Machine 0 Manned your first walker 10
Defeating the desert Defeating the desert 0 Travelled out of your Cradle 20
Cliché tutorial achievement Cliché tutorial achievement 0 Completed the tutorial 20
Gloves don’t fit Gloves don’t fit 0 Killed a player 15
Can I toggle it off? Can I toggle it off? 0 Killed 100 players 40
Positive climate impact Positive climate impact 0 Killed 1000 players 60
Beginner’s luck Beginner’s luck 0 Blocked 10 attacks from other players 10
Wrist exercise Wrist exercise 0 Blocked 100 attacks from other players 20
Carpal tunnel syndrome Carpal tunnel syndrome 0 Blocked 1000 attacks from other players 30
Possibly cheating Possibly cheating 0 Blocked 10000 attacks from other players 70
Swinging chaotically Swinging chaotically 0 Hit other players 10 times 10
Gitting gud Gitting gud 0 Hit other players 100 times 15
Spamming maniac Spamming maniac 0 Hit other players 1000 times 25
Unnecessary violence Unnecessary violence 0 Hit other players 10000 times 70
Actually good at melee Actually good at melee 0 Finished all PvP melee combat achievements 100
Drag and loot Drag and loot 0 Looted a draggable chest with Ballista harpoon 20
[Everyone disliked that] [Everyone disliked that] 0 Looted 1000 Rupu camps. They're just defending their homes... 50
Basically tomb raider Basically tomb raider 0 Looted 1000 chests from ruins 40
Dinghy Dinghy 0 Built a Dinghy Walker 10
A shoe or a knife A shoe or a knife 0 Built a Stiletto Walker 20
Beware of Lieutenant Dunbar Beware of Lieutenant Dunbar 0 Built a Buffalo Walker 20
Container ship equivalent Container ship equivalent 0 Built a Tusker Walker 30
Keep away from Flammenwerfer Keep away from Flammenwerfer 0 Built a Schmetterling Walker 30
Free real estate Free real estate 0 Built a Proxy Walker 20
Delivery person’s choice Delivery person’s choice 0 Built a Toboggan Walker 20
Rock me Rock me 0 Built a Falco Walker 20
Flat like the Earth Flat like the Earth 0 Built a Titan Walker 40
Arachnophobia intensifies Arachnophobia intensifies 0 Built a Nomad Spider Walker 10
Spiders with guns Spiders with guns 0 Built a Spider Walker with Ballista 10
Sandy lowrider Sandy lowrider 0 Built a Hornet Walker 20
He doesn’t bite, I promise He doesn’t bite, I promise 0 Killed a Nurr 15
Local crab rave Local crab rave 0 Killed an Okkam 20
All your base are balang to us All your base are balang to us 0 Built a Balang Walker 20
Thanks for all the fish Thanks for all the fish 0 Built a Silur Walker 20
Blow me (away) Blow me (away) 0 Used a Superblow on a Battle Fan 20

Last Oasis - Worm Update

There are 2 achievements with a total of 125 points.

Size Matters Size Matters 0 Participate in a successful worm hunt 25
The Killing of a Sacred Worm The Killing of a Sacred Worm 0 Deal the killing blow to a worm 100