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Wildfire Achievements

Full list of Wildfire achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Wildfire has 60 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Double Fluster Double Fluster 0 Make two soldiers panic on Forest 1: Iria Plain 5
Eavesdropping Eavesdropping 0 Overhear an argument on Forest 2: Brevis Pass 5
Into the Inferno Into the Inferno 0 Burn at least 90% of the vegetation on Forest 3: Kumba Gorge 5
I'm Sneaky Too I'm Sneaky Too 0 Ensure Ezra is never detected on Forest 4: Mendo Levee 5
Aquaphobia Aquaphobia 0 Don't get wet on Forest 5: Navia Basin 10
Follow Me Follow Me 0 Escort every villager to safety on Forest 6: Dubra Trench 5
A bomb! A bomb! 0 Beat the fuse to the demolition site on Forest 7: Mouth of Uahm 5
Don't Make Promises Your Arrows Can't Keep Don't Make Promises Your Arrows Can't Keep 0 Overhear an argument on Caves 2: Lubri Grotto 5
The First Firewalker The First Firewalker 0 Never get burnt on Caves 4: Deira Falls 10
Down in the Bonehoard Down in the Bonehoard 0 Place three enemies in coffins on Caves 5: Nerii Tomb 10
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction 0 Destroy all sulphur crystal deposits on Caves 6: Osmo Aven 10
Climate Change Climate Change 0 Melt at least 90% of the snow on Mountains 1: Ambia Moraine 10
Cat In The Pan Cat In The Pan 0 Pick up a bobcat to mask your scent on Mountains 2: Felidae Crevice 10
I Am Just Going Outside... I Am Just Going Outside... 0 Read all expedition diaries on Mountains 3: Carnota Rise 10
Like Herding Cats Like Herding Cats 0 Keep three bobcats at bay with one fireball on Mountains 4: Fenn Plateau 10
That Belongs In A Museum That Belongs In A Museum 0 Return all five crucibles to their pedestal on Mountains 5: Medo Subpeak 10
Well Done Well Done 0 Cremate an enemy on City 2: Crematorium 10
Their Beautiful Glow Their Beautiful Glow 0 Complete Wildfire's story 25
Their Potential Within Their Potential Within 0 Complete Wildfire's story in co-op 35
Newly Embraced Newly Embraced 0 Start New Game+ 25
Glittering Sparks In The Night Glittering Sparks In The Night 0 Complete New Game+ 35
Witch's Oddysee Witch's Oddysee 0 Rescue all 40 villagers 25
Ghost Ghost 0 Complete the Undetected challenge on every level 35
Pacifist Pacifist 0 Complete the No Kills challenge on every level 35
Iron Witch Iron Witch 0 Complete the No Save Reloads challenge on every level 35
Get Witch Quick Get Witch Quick 0 Complete the Speedrun challenge on every level 35
Water, Earth, Fire... Water, Earth, Fire... 0 Unlock at least 1 stage of every ability 25
Avatar State Avatar State 0 Fully upgrade all fire, water, and earth abilities 35
Rock-star Rock-star 0 Collect all meteor shards 35
Friends Like These Friends Like These 0 Pickpocket all Kickstarter lockets 35
Containment Failure Containment Failure 0 Get captured, then escape from prison 25
Extra Concentrated Extra Concentrated 0 Throw a villager into his own box of oranges 10
Now We're Even Now We're Even 0 Set fire to everything flammable in Captain Caira's Chateau 25
My Apologies My Apologies 0 Heal Captain Caira's burns with Rejuvenate 25
Friendly Fire Friendly Fire 0 Make an archer accidentally shoot another enemy 10
Foot Rest Foot Rest 0 Land on an enemy from high enough to knock them out 5
Water Way To Come Back Water Way To Come Back 0 Bring a dead enemy back to life with Rejuvenate 25
You Owe Me One You Owe Me One 0 Bring a co-op player back to life with Rejuvenate 25
I Meant To Do That I Meant To Do That 0 Survive a fall to your death by carrying Rejuvenating water 25
Flatpacked Flatpacked 0 Crush an enemy with a gate 10
Mind The Gap Mind The Gap 0 Cause an enemy to fall to their death by surprising them 5
Woodfired Woodfired 0 Trap an enemy in vines, then set those vines on fire 10
Bubble Jeopardy Bubble Jeopardy 0 Trap an enemy in a bubble 10
Hanging Wonder Hanging Wonder 0 Grow a vine by sending earth upward in a bubble 25
Pincushion Pincushion 0 Block an arrow with a body 25
Do You Trust Me Do You Trust Me 0 Cause an enemy attack to free a captive villager 5
Fowl Play Fowl Play 0 Make an enemy panic with a flaming chicken 10
Explosive Ascent Explosive Ascent 0 Smoke Ride up the smoke plume created by destroyed sulphur crystals 25
This May Feel A Little Odd This May Feel A Little Odd 0 Transplant while carrying a villager 25

Secret Achievements

Pyrophobia Pyrophobia 0 Extinguish all fires on Caves 1: Bama Passage 10
Water's Embrace Water's Embrace 0 Only use water on Caves 3: Obre Cavern 10
Outsourcing Outsourcing 0 Lure the demon to the explosive barrels on Caves 7: Sulphur Mines 10
Earth's Embrace Earth's Embrace 0 Only embrace earth on Mountains 6: Vindius Ridge 25
Curiosity Kills Curiosity Kills 0 Let Rigel protect you from an enemy on Mountains 7: Bobcat Pits 10
Architecture Critic Architecture Critic 0 Burn every building on City 1: Trade District 10
Thieves' Highway Thieves' Highway 0 Infiltrate via the roof before any other entrance on City 3: Chateau Caira 25
Jail Break Jail Break 0 Unlock every cell door on City 4: Tower Prison 10
Kindle A Spark Kindle A Spark 0 Learn to embrace fire 5
Make Water Dance Make Water Dance 0 Learn to embrace water 5
A Leafy Escape A Leafy Escape 0 Learn to embrace earth 5