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Oniria Crimes Achievements

Full list of Oniria Crimes achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Oniria Crimes has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Noob Rounder Noob Rounder 0 Case 1 solved 30
Class C Rounder Class C Rounder 0 Case 2 solved 30
Class B Rounder Class B Rounder 0 Case 3 solved 30
Class A Rounder Class A Rounder 0 Case 4 solved 30
Star Rounder Star Rounder 0 Case 5 solved 30
Scarlet Rounder Scarlet Rounder 0 Case 6 solved 30
Promising noob Promising noob 0 Case 1 excellent 30
Luxury dreamer Luxury dreamer 0 Case 2 excellent 30
Lucid in the shadows Lucid in the shadows 0 Case 3 excellent 30
Bookworm Bookworm 0 Case 4 excellent 30
The hound of the Oniria Express The hound of the Oniria Express 0 Case 5 excellent 30
Night Rounder Night Rounder 0 Case 6 excellent 30
Oneiric hacker Oneiric hacker 0 You hacked Jacob’s computer 30
White-collar detective White-collar detective 0 You opened the safe 30
Mechanism expert Mechanism expert 0 You opened the magic box 30
Code cracker Code cracker 0 You deciphered the coded message 30
Spinner Spinner 0 You threaded the loom 30
Guild expert Guild expert 0 You know the Oniria Guilds 30
Spatial vision Spatial vision 0 You discovered the secret of the door 30
The Circle enthusiast The Circle enthusiast 0 You resolved the lock enigma 30
Oneiric cartographer Oneiric cartographer 0 The city’s districts are no secret to you 30
Astronomer Rounder Astronomer Rounder 0 Soft drink constellation? REALLY? 30
Initiated in Aerena secrets Initiated in Aerena secrets 0 You managed to shut down an Aerena device... although you don’t really know how 30
Brainiac Brainiac 0 You solved all the puzzles 30
Oneiric archaeologist Oneiric archaeologist 0 You found the trail of the stolen video game 30
Art curator Art curator 0 You examined all the pictures 30
Synaptic Synaptic 0 You found all the synapses 30
One of our own One of our own 0 You read over 700 books in the library 30
Restricted knowledge Restricted knowledge 0 You recovered the Study of Kabu 30
Newspaper researcher Newspaper researcher 0 You read every newspaper 30
Lobster hunter Lobster hunter 0 For some reason you ended up at a beach full of lobsters 30
Vampire hunter Vampire hunter 0 Oops... looks like it wasn’t this path 30

Secret Achievements

Substitute Dreaming Ranger Substitute Dreaming Ranger 0 You saved Palace of Desires 40