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Autumn's Journey Achievements

Full list of Autumn's Journey achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Autumn's Journey has 12 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Poking the Dragon!! Poking the Dragon!! 0 Wake up Kerr with your mighty stick. 80
Pecking Order Pecking Order 0 Complete save the chickens quest. 80
Worth it Worth it 0 Complete Honey-Glazed Apple Tarts quest 80
Don't Rock the Boat Don't Rock the Boat 0 Complete the Go Fishin’! quest 80
Thrown to the wolves Thrown to the wolves 0 Complete the gather 5 nightshades quest 80
Get Plucked Get Plucked 0 Complete the aviterral feathers quest 80
Fur-midable Rescue Fur-midable Rescue 0 Complete the ‘INTENSE RESCUE MISSION!?!?!?!’ quest 80
Stronger than you Stronger than you 0 Wrestle with Kerr during your patrol 85
Nodding off Nodding off 0 Read together with Ilmari 85
Unbreakable Friendship Unbreakable Friendship 0 Befriend Kerr and Ilmari 90
Unshakeable Bonds Unshakeable Bonds 0 Get Kerr’s romantic scene. 90
Getting Along Swimmingly Getting Along Swimmingly 0 Get Ilmari’s romantic scene 90