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Gods Will Fall Achievements

Full list of Gods Will Fall achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Gods Will Fall has 42 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Keep It Simple Keep It Simple 0 Complete a playthrough without using any items 40
Playing With Your Food Playing With Your Food 0 Parry a God 5 times without taking a hit 40
A New Age A New Age 0 Kill all 10 gods and win freedom for humankind 10
Perfect Start Perfect Start 0 Kill a god with your very first warrior attempt 10
One Foot In The Soil One Foot In The Soil 0 Defeat a god with only a single pip of vigour remaining 10
Untouched By The Gods Untouched By The Gods 0 Beat a god without taking a single hit of damage during the fight 10
Sleep With The Fishes Sleep With The Fishes 0 Throw three vassals from the raft in the sea domain 40
Pacifist Rising Pacifist Rising 0 Survive the elevator section, untouched using only parries and throws 40
Staring Into The Abyss Staring Into The Abyss 0 Toss 10 enemies into the surrounding abyss in any single dungeon visit 40
You Can’t Touch This You Can’t Touch This 0 Deliver 25 points of damage without taking a single hit 40
Untouchable Untouchable 0 Deliver 50 points of damage without taking a single hit 40
From Way Down-town From Way Down-town 0 Kill an enemy with a thrown weapon, while airborne 40
Special Offer Special Offer 0 Kill three enemies with the same melee attack 40
The Story Begins The Story Begins 0 Clear the tutorial 20
Berserker Strength Berserker Strength 0 Perform a Tier 3 Roar 10
Into The Abyss Into The Abyss 0 Throw an enemy off an edge, to their death 10
Buried Treasure Buried Treasure 0 Trade with the Barrow Hag 10
A Gift From The Past A Gift From The Past 0 Retrieve an item from the old well 10
A Hero's End A Hero's End 0 Lose a warrior to a deadly attack 10
The Revolt Begins The Revolt Begins 0 Defeat a god 10
A Second Bite A Second Bite 0 Escape the Gutter in the Devourer’s domain 10
Mind Your Step Mind Your Step 0 Kill an enemy using an environmental hazard 10
Shirraidh Has Fallen Shirraidh Has Fallen 0 Defeat Methir-Shirraidh 10
Osseus Has Fallen Osseus Has Fallen 0 Defeat Osseus 10
Breith-Dorcha Has Fallen Breith-Dorcha Has Fallen 0 Defeat Breith-Dorcha 10
Ogmios Has Fallen Ogmios Has Fallen 0 Defeat Ogmios 10
Carnoccus Has Fallen Carnoccus Has Fallen 0 Defeat Carnoccus 10
Krannus Has Fallen Krannus Has Fallen 0 Defeat Krannus 10
Lochlannarg Has Fallen Lochlannarg Has Fallen 0 Defeat Lochlannarg 10
Boadannu Has Fallen Boadannu Has Fallen 0 Defeat Boadannu 10
Morrigan Has Fallen Morrigan Has Fallen 0 Defeat Morrigan 10
Belenos Has Fallen Belenos Has Fallen 0 Defeat Belenos 10
Desecration of Birth Desecration of Birth 0 Kill Methir-Shirraidh with her own arrow 40
Desecration of Bone Desecration of Bone 0 Defeat Osseus while he is on his back 40
Desecration of Decay Desecration of Decay 0 Defeat Breith-Dorcha with a single pip of vigour remaining 40
Desecration of Devourer Desecration of Devourer 0 Defeat Ogmios after journeying through the Gutter 40
Desecration of Forest Desecration of Forest 0 Defeat Carnoccus without destroying any totems 40
Desecration of Knowledge Desecration of Knowledge 0 Defeat Krannus’ guards within 5 seconds of each other 40
Desecration of Rivers Desecration of Rivers 0 Defeat Lochlannarg without ever being struck by his lightning 40
Desecration of Sea Desecration of Sea 0 Kill Boadannu without killing any vassals during the fight with her 40
Desecration of War Desecration of War 0 Defeat Morrigan with a Tier 5 weapon 40
Desecration of Wicker Desecration of Wicker 0 Defeat Belenos without being hit by his Radiant Sunlight attack 40