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Mahjong Adventure DX Achievements

Full list of Mahjong Adventure DX achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mahjong Adventure DX has 23 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The First Gold Medal The First Gold Medal 0 Get a gold medal 25
The 5th Gold Medal The 5th Gold Medal 0 Get 5 gold medals 25
The 10th Gold Medal The 10th Gold Medal 0 Get 10 gold medals 25
The 15th Gold Medal The 15th Gold Medal 0 Get 15 gold medals 25
The 20th Gold Medal The 20th Gold Medal 0 Get 20 gold medals 25
The 25th Gold Medal The 25th Gold Medal 0 Get 25 gold medals 50
The 30th Gold Medal The 30th Gold Medal 0 Get 30 gold medals 50
The 35th Gold Medal The 35th Gold Medal 0 Get 35 gold medals 50
The 40th Gold Medal The 40th Gold Medal 0 Get 40 gold medals 100
The 45th Gold Medal The 45th Gold Medal 0 Get 45 gold medals 100
The First Board The First Board 0 Complete the first board 25
The Second Board The Second Board 0 Complete the second board 25
The Third Board The Third Board 0 Complete the third board 25
The Fourth Board The Fourth Board 0 Complete the fourth board 50
The Fifth Board The Fifth Board 0 Complete the fifth board 50
The Sixth Board The Sixth Board 0 Complete the sixth board 100
The Last Board The Last Board 0 Complete the seventh board 100
Pssss Pssss 0 Use the Hint Tool 25
Memories Memories 0 Use the Undo Tool 25
Good Luck! Good Luck! 0 Use the Luck Tool 25
Give me time! Give me time! 0 Use the Time Tool 25
Time of changes Time of changes 0 Use the Shuffle Tool 25
Dragon Dragon 0 Use the Dragon Tool 25