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Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Achievements

Full list of Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 has 28 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

No More Training Wheels No More Training Wheels 0 Complete the tutorial 10
See the World See the World 0 Unlock all Zones 100
Dominator Dominator 0 Place 1st in every Chapter is World Career 100
World Champion World Champion 0 Place 1st in the World Finals XIX 100
Defending the Title Defending the Title 0 Place 1st in the World Finals XX 100
Collector Collector 0 Collect all collectibles in a zone 10
Master Collector Master Collector 0 Collect all collectibles in all zones 90
Level Up Level Up 0 Earn enough experience to level up a Monster Jam Truck 10
Max Level Max Level 0 Unlock all upgrades for a Monster Jam Truck 25
New Paint Job New Paint Job 0 Unlock a color variant of a Monster Jam Truck 25
Full Garage Full Garage 0 Unlock all Monster Jam Trucks 100
On the Right Track On the Right Track 0 Finish a race without going off track 25
High Miles High Miles 0 Drive for over 100 miles 10
Speed Demon Speed Demon 0 Reach a speed in excess of 100.31 mph (161.43 km/h) 25
Long Jumper Long Jumper 0 Land a jump with a distance of 237.7 ft (72.42m) or greater 10
Sky High Sky High 0 Jump higher than 33.8 feet (10.3m) 10
Wheelie King Wheelie King 0 Hold a Wheelie trick for 150 ft (45.72m) or longer 10
Stoppie Master Stoppie Master 0 Hold a Stoppie trick for 209 ft (63.7m) or longer 10
Showtime Showtime 0 Pull off 100 stunt combos 25
Stunt Man Stunt Man 0 Successfully perform a 11x stunt combo 15
Total Destruction Total Destruction 0 Complete a Destruction Combo greater than 35x in Timed Destruction 100
Better with friends Better with friends 0 Find 1 zone collectible and 1 World Secret in an online explore session 10
Crazy Like a Fox Crazy Like a Fox 0 Unlock all Crazy Creatures and find their World Secrets 10
Ready, Willing and Able Ready, Willing and Able 0 Complete all Challenges Events to obtain all Team Ability Upgrades 10
Keeping It Clean Keeping It Clean 0 Finish a race in first with no panels broken 30
Step Into the Arena Step Into the Arena 0 Complete an Online match 10
World Class World Class 0 Complete 25 Online matches 10

Secret Achievements

Skeletal Remains Skeletal Remains 0 Finish a race in first with all panels broken 10