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Blue Fire Achievements

Full list of Blue Fire achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Blue Fire has 22 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Find The Nuos Temple Find The Nuos Temple 0 Located the Nuos Temple 45
Destroy The Nuos Corruption Destroy The Nuos Corruption 0 Defeated the Corrupted Guardian 45
Find The Uthas Temple Find The Uthas Temple 0 Reached the Uthas Temple 45
Destroy The Uthas Corruption Destroy The Uthas Corruption 0 Defeated the 2nd corrupted guardian 45
The Source of Darkness The Source of Darkness 0 Defeated the Queen of Darkness 45
Destroy The Shadow Lords Destroy The Shadow Lords 0 Defeated Lady Beira, Lord Samael and Lord Sirion 50
Broken Boilers Broken Boilers 0 Fixed all 3 boilers 45
Defeat all Voids Defeat all Voids 0 Completed all Void challenges 50
Elevator Duties Elevator Duties 0 Repaired the elevators in the Arcane Tunnels 45
Spirit Hunting Spirit Hunting 0 Found or Purchased all Spirits 45
Love in the Air Love in the Air 0 Helped Barri show his love 45
Enter the Void Enter the Void 0 Located the first void 45
Song of Gods Song of Gods 0 Delivered all apology letters 45
The Lost Memory The Lost Memory 0 Found and delivered the family portrait 45
Dirty Business Dirty Business 0 Returned the House keys to Mon 45
Missing Mother Missing Mother 0 Found the Necklace for Fara 45
Juro's Memories Juro's Memories 0 Helped Juro remember his loved one 45
Kuna's Gift Kuna's Gift 0 Purchased the Odd Stone from Orip and turned it in at Kuna's altar 45
Book Hunting Book Hunting 0 Delivered all 5 books to Mork 45
Nuno's Pain Nuno's Pain 0 Delivered the Rare Snow to Nuno 45
Soul Fragments Soul Fragments 0 Collected all 4 Soul Fragments 45
Flames of Darkness Flames of Darkness 0 Ignited all 4 flames 45