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Black Legend Achievements

Full list of Black Legend achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Black Legend has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Gold Visionary The Gold Visionary 0 Defeat Benedict Baruch 50
Old White Wives Tale Old White Wives Tale 0 Complete the "A Wedding in White" sidequest. 50
Keep your Head Keep your Head 0 Complete the "A Song Stuck in my Head" sidequest. 100
Skin and Smoke Skin and Smoke 0 Complete the "Down the Well" sidequest. 50
Cultist Cleanup Cultist Cleanup 0 Fight and defeat every encounter at least once in a single playthrough. 100
Master of Alchemy Master of Alchemy 0 Catalyze and enemy with 3 stacks of Crimson, Silver, Bronze and Gold in a single hit. 100
Weapon Collector Weapon Collector 0 Collected all weapons in the game. 100
The Earlier Fashion The Earlier Fashion 0 Collected all armour sets (including every tier) in the game 50
Darkest Legend Darkest Legend 0 Complete the game on the Hard Difficulty. 50
Bite through the Pain Bite through the Pain 0 Beat the game on Normal Difficulty or above without using a Quarter Tree. 100

Secret Achievements

Mephisto's Legacy Mephisto's Legacy 0 Pick Mephisto in the final battle. 50
True Justice True Justice 0 Pick the Mercenaries in the final battle. 50
The Bloodcoral Captain The Bloodcoral Captain 0 Defeat Christiaan Huygens 50
The Broken Legend The Broken Legend 0 Defeat Grand Piers 50
The Amber Walker The Amber Walker 0 Defeat Anthonie van Leeuwen 50