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Golden Force Achievements

Full list of Golden Force achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Golden Force has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Welcome to Muscle Islands Welcome to Muscle Islands 0 Beat Salsa and reach Muscle Islands 50
And that's one! And that's one! 0 Deafeat Nacho, General of the first Island. 50
And that's two! And that's two! 0 Deafeat Burritos, General of the second Island. 50
And that's three! And that's three! 0 Deafeat Tortilla, General of the third Island. 50
And that's four! And that's four! 0 Deafeat Tacos, General of the fourth Island. 50
The icing on the cake The icing on the cake 0 Defeat the Demon King and complete the game! 100
Shell Collector Shell Collector 0 Find all hidden Shells. 75
Medals of honor Medals of honor 0 Get all hidden Medals. 75
Healthy! Healthy! 0 Unleash yous HPs to it's maximum potential 50
Combo Master Combo Master 0 Unleash your additional Combo Attacks to the max. 50
Invincible! Invincible! 0 Complete a Stage without breaking your Combo 50
Simply the Best! Simply the Best! 0 Complete the game at 100%. 100
Perfect! Perfect! 0 Get the perfect score of 100 in any Stage. 75
Unstopable! Unstopable! 0 Reach a combo of 250 50
Gold Collector Gold Collector 0 Get a total of 10.000 Golds 25
Muscular Hero Muscular Hero 0 Complete World 1 to 100% 25
Muscular Mercenary Muscular Mercenary 0 Complete World 2 to 100% 25
Muscular Savior Muscular Savior 0 Complete World 3 to 100% 25
Muscular Legend Muscular Legend 0 Complete World 4 to 100% 25