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Down in Bermuda Achievements

Full list of Down in Bermuda achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Down in Bermuda has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Explorer Explorer 0 Pull up your explorer socks and complete the tutorial. 20
Orb Collector Orb Collector 0 Find all Orbs in the Turtle Island. 20
Cowabunga! Cowabunga! 0 Complete all stats for Turtle Island. 40
Secret Agent Secret Agent 0 Find all Orbs in the Secret Base Island. 20
Super Sleuth Super Sleuth 0 Complete all stats for Secret Base Island. 40
Forager Forager 0 Find all Orbs in the Forest Island. 20
Hunter Gatherer Hunter Gatherer 0 Complete all stats for Forest Island. 40
Landlubber Landlubber 0 Find all Orbs in the Shipwreck Island. 20
Here be treasure Here be treasure 0 Complete all stats for Shipwreck Island. 40
Magma! Magma! 0 Find all Orbs in the Lava Island. 20
Master of Flames Master of Flames 0 Complete all stats for Lava Island. 40
Crystal Clear Crystal Clear 0 Complete all stats for Labyrinth Island. 40
Escape Bermuda Escape Bermuda 0 Help Milton to escape the Bermuda. 40
Escape Master Escape Master 0 Help Milton to escape the Bermuda without opening a single Star Map. 90
Relic Monument Relic Monument 0 Collect all Relics and then pay a visit to the Relic Monument. 90
Sheep Herder Sheep Herder 0 Sort the sheep into their correct pens within 200 seconds of the gate opening. 40
The Kraken Challenge The Kraken Challenge 0 Vanquish the Kraken in 7 shots of the cannon. 40
Liquid Levers Liquid Levers 0 Solve the tricky orange liquid levers puzzle in Secret Base Island. 90
Skull Mountain Skull Mountain 0 Unlock the mine cart in Shipwreck Island. 40
Fire God Fire God 0 Defeat the almighty Fire God and gain some new worshippers, Oonga Oonga! 40
Tile Champion Tile Champion 0 Complete the tile sliding puzzle in Labyrinth Island within 14 moves. 90

Secret Achievements

Puffer Fish Party Puffer Fish Party 0 Inflate any puffer fish 10 times. 20
Barrel Blast Barrel Blast 0 Shoot 12 barrels in Secret Base Island. 20
Quack Attack Quack Attack 0 Open the door to Quack's hut three times. 20
Cannon Blast Cannon Blast 0 Shoot 50 cannon balls in Shipwreck Island. 20