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Disjunction Achievements

Full list of Disjunction achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Disjunction has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Merciful Merciful 0 Complete a level without killing anybody 25
Ruthless Ruthless 0 Complete a level having killed everyone 25
Ghost Ghost 0 Complete a level without alerting any enemies 25
Invincible Invincible 0 Complete a level without taking damage 25
Expert Expert 0 Complete a level without using any abilities 25
Triple Crown Triple Crown 0 Hit the same enemy with a smoke grenade, a shock bolt, and your baton 25
Double Kill Double Kill 0 Kill two enemies with one shotgun blast 25
Caught Unawares Caught Unawares 0 Knock out an investigating enemy while invisible 25
Future Tech Future Tech 0 Collect all the Upgrade Kits in the game 50
Did the Reading Did the Reading 0 Collect all the Lore Items in the game 50
Saintly Saintly 0 Complete the game without killing anybody 80
No Witnesses No Witnesses 0 Complete the game having killed everyone 80
Last Stop Last Stop 0 Beat the game 100

Secret Achievements

No Good to Me Dead No Good to Me Dead 0 Spare Mara Bishop 50
Better Off Dead Better Off Dead 0 Kill Mara Bishop 50
Undeniable Logic Undeniable Logic 0 Side with Mara Bishop 50
Amusing Convictions Amusing Convictions 0 Accept Bribe from Mara Bishop 50
Case Closed Case Closed 0 Beat the final level as Frank 80
Closure Closure 0 Beat the final level as Joe 80
Untangle the Web Untangle the Web 0 Beat the final level as Spider 80