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Steven Universe Unleash the Light Achievements

Full list of Steven Universe Unleash the Light achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Steven Universe Unleash the Light has 26 achievements worth 1160 gamerscore

Steven's RPG Steven's RPG 0 Learn the ropes! 25
Attack the Light Attack the Light 0 Defeat 100 Light Constructs 100
It's A Secret To Everybody It's A Secret To Everybody 0 Discover a secret room! 10
Pearl-fect Pearl-fect 0 Perform 10 Perfects in a row (without missing any perfect attacks or blocks) 75
Captain Universe Captain Universe 0 Hit at least 6 enemies with one Shield Throw 50
It's A Wash It's A Wash 0 Defeat three enemies at once with Lapis' Tidal Wave 50
Giant Women Giant Women 0 Perform any fusion 25
Rock The Vote Rock The Vote 0 Establish Democracy in a formerly-conquered Gem colony. It's always important to vote! 50
Cookie Cat Recall Cookie Cat Recall 0 Complete any Chapter 3 battle stage without using any items. 25
Shorty Squad Shorty Squad 0 Complete 10 battles with both Amethyst and Peridot in your party 10
Green Thumb Green Thumb 0 Use Peridot's teamwork ability to summon a loyal friend 10
Be There Or Be Square Be There Or Be Square 0 Decipher the mysterious space message 20
Era 3 Winning Spree Era 3 Winning Spree 0 Complete a secret Chapter 50
Clod Goals Clod Goals 0 Defeat three enemies at once with Peridot's Self Destruct Robonoids ability 50
Keys are the Key, You See Keys are the Key, You See 0 Unlock every Light Barrier in the Palace of Light 25
Across The Universe Across The Universe 0 Unlock and visit every stage 25
Attacked, Saved, Unleashed Attacked, Saved, Unleashed 0 Liberate the other Prisms 25
Over 9000 Over 9000 0 Fully Level Up all of the Crystal Gems 75
Perfect Porkchop Perfect Porkchop 0 Complete the game to 100% 100

Secret Achievements

The Box That Rocks The Box That Rocks 0 Prevent the Prism Containment Chest from being stolen 100
Risky Bismuth Risky Bismuth 0 Protect your teammate from Demantoid 100

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light - Black Hole Chapter

There are 5 achievements with a total of 160 points.

The Cat-valry's Here The Cat-valry's Here 0 Defeat two or more enemies with a single use of Connie & Lion's Lion Charge ability 10
Prismatic Procuration Prismatic Procuration 0 Collect a Rainbow Charm 10
Little Homeschool Little Homeschool 0 Receive an "A++" Grade in the Black Hole Chapter 20
Crying Breakfast Friend Crying Breakfast Friend 0 Complete any run of the Black Hole chapter while wearing the CBF Badge the entire time 20
Space Train to the Cosmos Space Train to the Cosmos 0 Complete the Black Hole chapter on all three difficulties 100