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Aground Achievements

Full list of Aground achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Aground has 56 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Shelter Shelter 0 Repair the Hut. 5
Sharecropping Sharecropping 0 Build the Farm. 5
Heavy Lifter Heavy Lifter 0 Get the Backpack. 5
Crafting Time Crafting Time 0 Build the Workshop. 10
Wyrmslayer Wyrmslayer 0 Defeat a Wyrm. 15
Rockslayer Rockslayer 0 Defeat a Golem. 15
Experiments Experiments 0 Build the Laboratory. 10
Shiny Shiny 0 Mine a Diamond. 15
Get Wyrm Get Wyrm 0 Now what do I do with it? 15
Milking Pigs Milking Pigs 0 Add a Pen to the Farm. 10
Mmm, Cheese Mmm, Cheese 0 Cook a Pizza. 10
Building My Way Building My Way 0 Build a structure with a Blueprint. 15
Powering Up Powering Up 0 Upgrade your character with 500 or more Skill Points. 15
Distant Shores Distant Shores 0 Build the Dock. 15
Hatchling Hatchling 0 Hatch a Dragon from a Cocoon. 15
Power Up Power Up 0 Build the Power Plant. 15
Industrialize Industrialize 0 Build the Factory. 15
Justice Justice 0 Solve the Bandit problem. 15
Human Testing Human Testing 0 Successfully Confront the Mirrows. 15
The Full Story The Full Story 0 Read all the Logs. 15
Cyborgification Cyborgification 0 Install a full set of Cyborg gear. 15
Dragon Tamer Dragon Tamer 0 Fly on a Dragon. 15
Queenslayer Queenslayer 0 Defeat the Wyrm Queen. 15
Elementary Elementary 0 Capture a spirit of every element. 15
Dragon Master Dragon Master 0 Obtain a full set of dragon equipment. 15
Face the Enemy Face the Enemy 0 Defeat the Old One. 15
Statue Smasher Statue Smasher 0 Defeat the Golemech. 15
Remodeling Remodeling 0 Upgrade your Hut. 15
Crossbones Crossbones 0 Complete the Pirates quest. 15
Automation Automation 0 Build any type of Worker Bot. 15
Magician Magician 0 Craft your first Spellbook. 15
Evolution Evolution 0 Forge an Evolution Gem. 15
Dragon Sans Steak Dragon Sans Steak 0 Evolve a Mecha Dragon. 15
Space Station Space Station 0 Build your first Space Station. 15
Space Ready Space Ready 0 Repair the Fighter Escort ship. 30
Master Spellcaster Master Spellcaster 0 Craft every Spellbook in game. 30
Collector Collector 0 Complete the Museum. 90

Secret Achievements

Techno Mage Techno Mage 0 Enchant a Chainsaw. 15
Rewind Rewind 0 Activate the Time Manipulator. 15
FTL Signals FTL Signals 0 Build the Com Station. 15
The Depths The Depths 0 Defeat the Kraken. 15
Salvager Salvager 0 Discover a Life Pod. 15
Dark Sorcery Dark Sorcery 0 Obtain a full set of witch equipment. 15
Planet Defender Planet Defender 0 End the Alien Bombardment. 15
Take Control Take Control 0 Disable the rogue Drones. 15
Another Colony Another Colony 0 Find the Colony World. 15
Ready to Fly Ready to Fly 0 Build an Exo Fighter for the Pilot. 15
Microbiology Microbiology 0 Launch a virus to breach the Enemy HQ. 15
Another World Another World 0 Create a Spirit Portal. 15
Ghost Thumb Ghost Thumb 0 Plant a Spirit Tree. 15
Turning Traitor Turning Traitor 0 Bribe the Enemy HQ's structures. 15
Non GMO Non GMO 0 Defeat the Splicer. 15
Depths of Madness Depths of Madness 0 Defeat the Dishonored One. 15
Dragon Ship Dragon Ship 0 Evolve a Dragon Ship! 30
Magic of Science Magic of Science 0 Obtain a full set of Exotic Matter equipment. 30
Final Boss Final Boss 0 Defeat the Enemy HQ's Heart. 90