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Boom Blaster Achievements

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There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Perfect rookie Perfect rookie 0 Finished the tutorial 20
The factory The factory 0 Finished chapter 1 60
Mother's little helper Mother's little helper 0 Got the rocketlauncher drone 50
Unjustified cruelty Unjustified cruelty 0 Destroyed 10 harmless repair-bots 50
To be better To be better 0 Purchased your first upgrade 20
To be much better To be much better 0 Purchased 10 upgrades 50
Power overwhelming Power overwhelming 0 Purchased all upgrade in one section 100
War machine War machine 0 Destroyed 100 enemies 25
God of deaths God of deaths 0 Destroyed 300 enemies 43
Triple shot Triple shot 0 Got the triple shot for the first time 30
Double shot Double shot 0 Got the double shot for the first time 20
Rock-it-man Rock-it-man 0 Got the rocketlauncher for the first time 30
The roof is on fire... The roof is on fire... 0 Got the flamethrower for the first time 30
(Not so)Untitled goose (Not so)Untitled goose 0 Got the goose plasmagun for the first time 30
Hurricane of shells Hurricane of shells 0 Shoot for 3333 times 20
City of tenacity City of tenacity 0 Died for 72 times 72
Doctor what? Doctor what? 0 Collected 15 health packs 40
Ten small bombs Ten small bombs 0 Collected 10 grenades 20

Secret Achievements

Level dONE Level dONE 0 Finished the first level 30
Monster's belly Monster's belly 0 Finished chapter 2 60
Mutation Mutation 0 Finished the game 200