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Eternal - Argent Depths Achievements

Full list of Eternal - Argent Depths achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Eternal - Argent Depths has 6 achievements worth 60 gamerscore

All Aboard! All Aboard! 0 Trigger Siege Train's Entomb for 5 or more copies of a single card. 10
Secret Stash Secret Stash 0 Plunder 50 Power 10
Surge of Power Surge of Power 0 Trigger 100 Surge abilities 10
Left in Shambles Left in Shambles 0 Decay 20 enemy units down to 0 Strength 10
Do it Twice Do it Twice 0 Play 50 spells from Revenge. 10
Borrow Courage Borrow Courage 0 Imbue a unit with at least 10 Health 10

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