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Eternal - Awakening Achievements

Full list of Eternal - Awakening achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Eternal - Awakening has 6 achievements worth 100 gamerscore

In Bloom In Bloom 0 Immediately Ultimate 2 Little Seeds with Hermit Gardener 10
Awakening Awakening 0 Complete the Awakening Campaign 50
Ascension Ascension 0 Have 2 different Ascending heroes with all their abilities unlocked 10
Brilliance Brilliance 0 Use Dazzle to stun an enemy unit and negate an enemy spell in the same game. 10
The Good Doctor The Good Doctor 0 Steal a 5-cost unit from the enemy void with Doctor Zytrom 10
The Soaring Serpent The Soaring Serpent 0 Give at least 5 units Flying with Isra 10

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