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Under the Jolly Roger Achievements

Full list of Under the Jolly Roger achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Under the Jolly Roger has 14 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Treasure hunter Treasure hunter 0 Complete all 21 legends. 100
Maneuver Master Maneuver Master 0 Fire 50 single salvos from both the starboard-side and the port-side cannons. 80
Best Actor Best Actor 0 Get an Oscar in 3 categories. (3 Oscars in the hold). 60
My Domains My Domains 0 Destroy 10 forts. 80
The Merchant The Merchant 0 Sell 1,000,000 piastres` worth of valuables. 100
True Pirate True Pirate 0 Reach the maximum faction rating with the pirates. 80
Sharp as a Razor Sharp as a Razor 0 Finish 25 enemies with a ram attack. 60
The Hunter The Hunter 0 Win 10 boardings without taking any losses. 80
Sea of Poison Sea of Poison 0 Earn the Poisonous Asp reputation. 80
All on Board All on Board 0 Assemble a full 15-man crew. 60
Conqueror of the Lands Conqueror of the Lands 0 Complete all Secret Land quests. 100
Fearless Fearless 0 Get sunk by the sea monster Leviathan 3 times. 40
Train Hard, Fight Easy Train Hard, Fight Easy 0 Complete the tutorial. 40
Tempest Tempest 0 Witness 2 concurrent tornados. 40