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Explosionade DX Achievements

Full list of Explosionade DX achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Explosionade DX has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Desecration Desecration 0 Destroy a platform with a Horronym corpse on it. 25
Trap Shooter Trap Shooter 0 Shoot 3 grenades out of the air without dying. 25
Kick The Habit Kick The Habit 0 Kick 20 Horronyms without dying. 25
Gum On My Shoe Gum On My Shoe 0 Stomp 5 Horronyms without dying. 25
RAID RAID 0 Destroy the platform a Clinger is on. 50
Behold My Skill! Behold My Skill! 0 Kill a Bezerker. 50
Flubber Flubber 0 Achieve terminal velocity by shield bouncing. 50
Bend Like a Reed Bend Like a Reed 0 Beat a combat room without taking damage. 25
Take It Easy Take It Easy 0 Complete Chilled Campaign. 25
Out of Retirement Out of Retirement 0 Complete Normal Campaign. 50
Love the Pain Love the Pain 0 Complete Serious Campaign. 100
Golddigger Golddigger 0 Collect 20 pieces of gold in one life. 50
Close Call Close Call 0 Revive yourself to full armor from 1 armor bar. 25
Horronym's Egg Horronym's Egg 0 Beat the game without dying. 100
Low Clearance Low Clearance 0 Touch the top of the room with your shield. 50
Johnny on the Spot Johnny on the Spot 0 Get 'All Clear' on all Chilled levels with enemies. 100
Spick and Span Spick and Span 0 Get 'All Clear' on all Normal levels with enemies. 100
Next to Godliness Next to Godliness 0 Get 'All Clear' on all Serious levels with enemies. 100
Escape Velocity Escape Velocity 0 Exit a level at high speed. 25