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Asdivine Cross Achievements

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There are 17 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Things Are Heating Up! Things Are Heating Up! 0 Watch the opening. 10
Greenhorn Gladiator! Greenhorn Gladiator! 0 Clear the bronze cup at the battle arena. 20
Fearless Fighter! Fearless Fighter! 0 Clear the silver cup at the battle arena. 30
Mighty Macho! Mighty Macho! 0 Clear the Gold cup at the battle arena. 50
Arena Master! Arena Master! 0 Clear the Maid Cup at the battle arena. 70
High Score! High Score! 0 Beat 100+ levels in the training accelerator. 100
Real Heroes! Real Heroes! 0 Clear all subquests. 70
Whiz Kid! Whiz Kid! 0 Learn all magic and skills. 70

Secret Achievements

Watchers from Above Watchers from Above 0 Earn the "Watchers from Above" ending. 50
Sole Follower Sole Follower 0 Earn the "Sole Follower" ending. 50
Together Together 0 Earn the "Together" ending. 50
Memories Memories 0 Earn the "Memories" ending. 50
To the Future To the Future 0 Earn the "To the Future" ending. 70
I'll Stand by You I'll Stand by You 0 Earn the "I'll Stand by You" ending. 70
The Great Escape The Great Escape 0 Earn the "The Great Escape" ending. 70
Indefinite Post Indefinite Post 0 Earn the "Indefinite Post" ending. 70
Open for Business! Open for Business! 0 Earn the "Open for Business" ending. 100