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Embr Achievements

Full list of Embr achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Embr has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Profit Profit 0 Achieve a 2 flame rating from a client 15
A New Career A New Career 0 Complete the tutorial 15
IPO IPO 0 Complete the first district 90
Lights Out Lights Out 0 Turn off the master power 15
Side Hustle Side Hustle 0 Return $500 dollars to a client 30
Back for More Back for More 0 Complete a bonus mission 15
Holla Holla Holla Holla 0 Collect $5000 of bonus cash and valuables 30
Fresh Out of the Shop Fresh Out of the Shop 0 Buy every vehicle cosmetic and upgrade available 90
I’m a Freakin Blur Here I’m a Freakin Blur Here 0 Wear the baseball hat and the E University jacket 15
Diamond Respondr Diamond Respondr 0 Buy every tool and upgrade available 90
Handled With Care Handled With Care 0 Complete a Salvage mission 15
Combustion Management Combustion Management 0 Complete a Low House Damage mission 15
Search and Rescue Search and Rescue 0 Complete a Special Object mission 15
Flame Broiled Flame Broiled 0 Complete an Embr Eats mission 15
Fahrenheit 451 Fahrenheit 451 0 Complete a Demolition mission 15
Growing Your Client Base Growing Your Client Base 0 Complete the second district 90
Leveraged Buyout Leveraged Buyout 0 Complete the third district 90
A Helping Hand A Helping Hand 0 Revive a teammate in multiplayer 30
Team Building Exercise Team Building Exercise 0 Complete a multiplayer mission 15
Earning Your Tips Earning Your Tips 0 Place 20 piles of bonus cash in your truck 30
Neighborhood Handyman Neighborhood Handyman 0 Earn 7 flames in a neighborhood by completing all missions there 30
Getting an Upgrade Getting an Upgrade 0 Buy your first upgrade on a tool 15
State Secrets State Secrets 0 Find the Hosr CEO's hidden documents 30
Redistributed Wealth Redistributed Wealth 0 Find all bonus cash in an escape mission 30
Industrious Industrious 0 Find all bonus cash in a rescue mission 30
Lobbyist Lobbyist 0 Make a basket in the lobby parking lot 15
Premium Currencies Premium Currencies 0 Spend a Diamond 15
Privatization to the Rescue Privatization to the Rescue 0 Get 5 Flames in every Rescue Mission 70
7 Day Work Week 7 Day Work Week 0 Complete 7 Daily Missions 30