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Demons Age Achievements

Full list of Demons Age achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Demons Age has 22 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The adventure begins… The adventure begins… 0 You now have a chance to redeem yourself from past sins. 5
You’re hired! You’re hired! 0 You hired your first companion. 5
Gold Rush Gold Rush 0 Collected 10.000 gold. 5
Deep Pockets Deep Pockets 0 You spent 10.000 gold in purchases. The economy flows. 5
Barfly Barfly 0 You visited all the Inns in the World Map. 30
Diverted Diverted 0 Completed 10 Notice Board quests. 30
Sidetracked Sidetracked 0 Completed 20 Notice Board quests. 35
Completionist Completionist 0 Completed All the Notice Board quests. 35
Contractual Obligations Contractual Obligations 0 Hired 8 adveturers. 30
The Scourge of the Orc The Scourge of the Orc 0 Killed 60 orcs. 30
Disorder Disorder 0 Killed 100 soldiers of the Order. 35

Secret Achievements

Et tu! Et tu! 0 Never trust a mercenary. 5
Back to the Grave Back to the Grave 0 You defeated the Undead Goblin King. He now rests in pieces. 90
Madness Madness 0 You defeated Count Millford. Now he has lost his head for good. 90
Orchestrated Orchestrated 0 You defeated the Orc King. He chose his allies…poorly. 90
Conjuror of cheap tricks Conjuror of cheap tricks 0 You defeated Count Zulok. Finally someone put an end to that smug bastard. 90
Honor in combat Honor in combat 0 You defeated King Galdrum. The ghost of the proud King may now rest in peace. 90
Deceiver Deceiver 0 You defeated the High Emissary. His schemes and machinations accomplished him nothing. 90
Darkness falls Darkness falls 0 You defeated Vazuhr, the Lord of Darkness. The land is once again free from the dark oppressor. 90
Barrier against evil Barrier against evil 0 You helped the mage Kaldulor restore the Monolith’s powers. [Suicidal Mode] 40
A Great Sacrifice A Great Sacrifice 0 You helped the mage Kaldulor restore the Monolith’s power but at a great cost. [Suicidal Mode] 40
Last line of defense Last line of defense 0 You brought the last seal stone to the depths of Soturr and the Monolith can be restored. [Suicidal 40