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Death's Door Achievements

Full list of Death's Door achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Death's Door has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Crow Gamer Crow Gamer 0 Beat the game 100
Academy of Umbrellas Academy of Umbrellas 0 Beat the game only ever using an umbrella as your melee weapon 100
Meal for a King Meal for a King 0 Feed the Frog King an explosive treat 25
Hot Pot Hot Pot 0 Set Grandma's pot on fire 25
Cremation Cremation 0 Upgrade the fire ability 25
Demo Crow Demo Crow 0 Upgrade the bomb ability 25
Crouching Tiger Hidden Crow Crouching Tiger Hidden Crow 0 Upgrade the hookshot ability 25
Hawk Eye Hawk Eye 0 Upgrade the arrow ability 25
Banging Tune Banging Tune 0 Listen to Barb's magnum opus 25
Clever Too Much Clever Too Much 0 Gain a devoted fan 25
Specialist Specialist 0 Max out any of the 4 stats 25
Big Spender Big Spender 0 Purchase 12 stat upgrades 25
Ooh Shiny! Ooh Shiny! 0 Collect all shiny things 50
Weapon Master Weapon Master 0 Collect all weapons 50
Zen Zen 0 Find all shrines 50
Reap what you sow Reap what you sow 0 All seeds collected and planted 50
Conga Line Conga Line 0 Have a gang of 10+ forest spirits follow you 25
Lord of Chores Lord of Chores 0 100% Complete the game 100
Squid Soup? Squid Soup? 0 Accept Jefferson's Soup 25
No Threat Detected No Threat Detected 0 Get a forest spirit through security. 25

Secret Achievements

A Stroll with Jefferson A Stroll with Jefferson 0 Take a midnight stroll with Jefferson 25
Plot Head Plot Head 0 Access Pothead's secret garden 25
In Caw-Hoots In Caw-Hoots 0 Meet with 3 owls 25
A True Ending A True Ending 0 ??? 100