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Arcade Paradise Achievements

Full list of Arcade Paradise achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Arcade Paradise has 54 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

1337 HAXXOR 1337 HAXXOR 0 Uncover all conspiracies in Blockchain 15
1CC 1CC 0 Clock Vostok 2085 once 15
Ballz To The Wallz Ballz To The Wallz 0 Have at least one of each colour ball in play on Graffiti Ballz 15
Fat Princess Fat Princess 0 Feed the Princess in Woodgal's Adventure 15
Existential dread Existential dread 0 Do nothing all day. 15
Nose to the Grindstone Nose to the Grindstone 0 Complete all objectives for 3 days running 15
GoldGuy Jr GoldGuy Jr 0 Buy all upgrades in Strike Gold 15
Drop the Ball Drop the Ball 0 Drop 15 balls in one move on Bugai 15
Taking the Plunge Taking the Plunge 0 Inflict 10000 damage on the toilet 15
Sonically Youthful Sonically Youthful 0 Unlock and listen to all the songs on the jukebox 15
Jimmy Goldman Would be Proud Jimmy Goldman Would be Proud 0 Set all machines to max price per play. 15
Clean up on Aisle 9 Clean up on Aisle 9 0 Bin 500 pieces of trash. 15
Hidden Packages Hidden Packages 0 Find and remove 100 pieces of gum 15
Arcadeception Arcadeception 0 Beat all the high scores on Brick, Toad, Racer, Flyguy and Snake in Knuckles and Knees 15
Your Bloody Valentine Your Bloody Valentine 0 After upgrading footwear and glasses stare, zoomed in at the floor for 3 seconds 10
Bug Fixer Bug Fixer 0 Debug an Arcade Machine 15
Ahoy Hoy Ahoy Hoy 0 Listen to 10 messages on the answer machine 15
Fresh Prince of Grindstone Fresh Prince of Grindstone 0 Purchase all personal upgrades 15
True Capitalist True Capitalist 0 $250,000 in the safe 15
Machine Maxed Machine Maxed 0 Complete all goals on a machine 15
Many Machines Maxed Many Machines Maxed 0 Complete all goals on 15 machines 30
Goal Goal 0 Complete 10 goals 15
GOOOAAAL GOOOAAAL 0 Complete 30 goals 30
To do. Done! To do. Done! 0 Complete 99 to do list items 15
Friends Reunited Friends Reunited 0 Complete Barkanoid 15
Once Upon a Slime Once Upon a Slime 0 Unlock endless mode in Slime Pipes 15
Swish Swish 0 Get 3 consecutive golds throwing garbage into the dumpster 15
Modern Gorefare Modern Gorefare 0 Kill 99 Zombies with each weapon in Zombat 2 15
Got 9999 Probles but a Zombie Ain't One Got 9999 Probles but a Zombie Ain't One 0 Kill 9999 zombies in Zombat 2 15
Rhythm is a Dancer Rhythm is a Dancer 0 Clear any song with a perfect score on Cyber Dance 15
Intergalactic, planetary, planetary... Intergalactic, planetary, planetary... 0 Visit all of the tourist destinations in Bugai 15
Hammer Time Hammer Time 0 Thump 333 Gophers 15
I ran the numbers I ran the numbers 0 Have a daily income of over 2500 30
It's a horror game It's a horror game 0 Pass level 3 of Line Terror 15
Video killed the radio star Video killed the radio star 0 Unlock and use the NTV Player 15
We come in peace We come in peace 0 Land the plane 9 times in UFO Assault 15
Bombscare Bombscare 0 Get to level X on adventure mode in Bomb Dudes 15
GTA: Crime City GTA: Crime City 0 Clear all 3 cities in Racer Chaser 15
Pimp My Ride Pimp My Ride 0 Fully upgrade your craft in Spacerace 15

Secret Achievements

Pushing a pull door Pushing a pull door 0 Enter the Laundrette 10
Fetch Quest Complete Fetch Quest Complete 0 Empty all 4 hoppers at the start of the game 15
I can't wait! I can't wait! 0 Purchase and receive delivery of your first new Arcade Machine 15
New Kid on the Block New Kid on the Block 0 Shrink the King Wash to expand Arcade Paradise 15
Waking Nightmare Waking Nightmare 0 Lose everything and end up working at the bestwurst 30
Crowning Achievement Crowning Achievement 0 Replace the King Wash facia and make your father proud 90
IMANOK CODE IMANOK CODE 0 "...You Knew? How did you know that?!" 15
Slacker Slacker 0 Complete a game of Solitaire 15
Smells like teen spirit Smells like teen spirit 0 Pass out in the toilet 15
Hexadecimal Hexadecimal 0 62 69 74 2e 6c 79 2f 49 71 54 36 7a 74 15
Corporate Restructrure Corporate Restructrure 0 Beat Jimmy Goldman in Knuckles and Knees 15
You Spin Me Round You Spin Me Round 0 Summon Wooguy Jr in Attack Vector 10
Another all nighter? Another all nighter? 0 Pass out in the arcade 10 times 10
Gerald of Riviera Gerald of Riviera 0 Wait a second... I'd recognise that voice anywhere! 15