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Warhammer - Age Of Sigmar: Storm Ground Achievements

Full list of Warhammer - Age Of Sigmar: Storm Ground achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Warhammer - Age Of Sigmar: Storm Ground has 42 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Shyish Tamed Shyish Tamed 0 Completed 1st Death Encounter 10
Realm Walker Realm Walker 0 Completed a Realmgate Encounter 15
Relic Hunter Relic Hunter 0 Completed a Stormvault Encounter 15
Let's Get Down to Business Let's Get Down to Business 0 Levelled up a Base unit to Level 3 15
Going the Distance Going the Distance 0 Levelled up an Elite unit to Level 4 30
Trainer of Champions Trainer of Champions 0 Levelled up a Hero unit to Level 5 30
Grave Keeper Grave Keeper 0 Defeated Death Boss (1st time) 30
Soul Stealer Soul Stealer 0 Defeated Life Boss (1st time) 30
Lightning Bane Lightning Bane 0 Defeated Metal Boss (1st time) 30
Rabble Killer Rabble Killer 0 Slayed 50 Base units in Campaign 15
Veteran Vanquisher Veteran Vanquisher 0 Slayed 25 Elite units in Campaign 30
Hero Slayer Hero Slayer 0 Slayed 10 Enemy Heroes (MP) 30
Salvation Delivered Salvation Delivered 0 Destroyed 3 Soul Prisons (MP) 15
Corpse Defiler Corpse Defiler 0 Removed all Armour from 10 enemies (MP) 15
The Faithful The Faithful 0 Used a Divine Act in Campaign 15
Cratemaster Cratemaster 0 Gathered 20 Chests in Campaign 15
Lore Master Lore Master 0 Summoned an Endless Spell (MP) 15
Dracothion's Allegiance Dracothion's Allegiance 0 Summoned the Stardrake (MP) 15
Waking Nightmare Waking Nightmare 0 Summoned the Winged Nightmare (MP) 15
Grandfather's Favourite Grandfather's Favourite 0 Summoned the Great Unclean One (MP) 15
Baker's Diary Baker's Diary 0 Collected 13 Lore Cards 15
Battle Master Battle Master 0 Equipped a skill on a unit for the 1st time 15
Acquisition Hour Acquisition Hour 0 Collected 5 Aethyr or Power from a Wellspring at once 15
The Defenestrator The Defenestrator 0 Killed 5 units via displacement into hazards or chasms 15
Causer of Carnage Causer of Carnage 0 Knocked 10 units into other units. 15
The Great Slaughterer The Great Slaughterer 0 Killed 5 units with a single attack or ability 15
Prepared for Battle Prepared for Battle 0 Won 1 match versus AI 15
A Casual Master A Casual Master 0 Played 5 matches versus Friends or AI 15
The First True Test The First True Test 0 Won 1 game in Automatch 15
Warrior Warrior 0 Won 5 games in Automatch 30
General General 0 Won 10 games in Automatch 90
Legend Legend 0 Won 25 games in Automatch 90
The Arms of Legends The Arms of Legends 0 Equipped a Legendary item on a unit or hero 15
Lord of the Lightning Lord of the Lightning 0 Collected all Stormcast units in Campaign 15
Master of Haunts Master of Haunts 0 Collected all Nighthaunt units in Campaign 30
Plague Father Plague Father 0 Collected all Maggotkin units in Campaign 30
The Collector The Collector 0 Collected 10 Wargear and / or Skills in Automatch 30
Sigmarite Salvage Sigmarite Salvage 0 Collected 10 Stormcast units in Automatch 30
The Undying Muster The Undying Muster 0 Collected 10 Nighthaunt units in Automatch 30
Plague Epicentre Plague Epicentre 0 Collected 10 Maggotkin units in Automatch 30

Secret Achievements

To the Depths! To the Depths! 0 Sent an Assassination target into the depths 15
Child of Xereus Child of Xereus 0 Slayed 5 enemies with the Purple Sun of Shyish 30