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The Darkside Detective Achievements

Full list of The Darkside Detective achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Darkside Detective has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Problem Solvent Problem Solvent 0 Close case 1: Malice In Wonderland. 20
Light Reader Light Reader 0 Slack off the job and read a trashy mag in each case. 60
Toilet Humour Toilet Humour 0 Listen to all of John's gags. 30
Hot Rod Hot Rod 0 Examine 8 cars. 60
Brickman Super Fan Brickman Super Fan 0 Listen to all of Dick Brickman's radio shows. Featuring Dick Brickman. 60
Classic Dooley Classic Dooley 0 Use the kango hammer on everything in the sewers before advancing. 30
Dumpster Diver Dumpster Diver 0 Search 10 bins. 60
Karma Karma 0 Give Laxatives to McKing. 20
mooR deR mooR deR 0 Enter the Cursed Lodge. 30
Book Worm Book Worm 0 Read all the book titles in the library. 90
Ghost Whisperer Ghost Whisperer 0 Close case 2: Tome Alone. 20
Ticket To Ride Ticket To Ride 0 Close case 3: Disorient Express. 20
UrnWanted Gift UrnWanted Gift 0 Close case 4: Police Farce. 20
Bloodwolf Bloodwolf 0 Close case 5: Loch Mess. 20
Darkside Detective Darkside Detective 0 Close case 6: Don Of The Dead. 20
Master Hacker Master Hacker 0 Complete the virus minigame in three steps. 30
Look Skyward! Look Skyward! 0 Spot the Darkside SkyBeast. 30
Camp Counsellor Camp Counsellor 0 Take all of the Turner's calls in the Bloodwolf HQ. 60
That's A Wrap That's A Wrap 0 Watch the credits to the end. 20
Thorough Investigation Thorough Investigation 0 Check Roy's Alibi. 30
Saved Christmas Saved Christmas 0 Close case 7: Buy Hard. 20
BFFs BFFs 0 Take a photo at the photobooth. 30
Lost And Found Lost And Found 0 Fully explore the vents. 30
Independence! Yay! Independence! Yay! 0 Remember neglected responsibilities. 30
Arcade Kid Arcade Kid 0 Play games in the arcade. 20
All Bottled Up All Bottled Up 0 Close case 9: Baits Motel. 30
Culture Club Culture Club 0 Examine all of the museum's contents. 30
Don't I know you? Don't I know you? 0 Call Santa out in the diner. 20
Wiseguys Wiseguys 0 Close case 8: Polterguys. 30
Make Adventure Games Again! Make Adventure Games Again! 0 Get Dooley a souvenir hat. 30