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Doodle God: Ultimate Edition Achievements

Full list of Doodle God: Ultimate Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Doodle God: Ultimate Edition has 22 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Good Start Good Start 0 6 elements created. 10
Creator of Diversity Creator of Diversity 0 10 groups created 20
Creator of life Creator of life 0 Life created 25
Creator of humanity Creator of humanity 0 Human created 15
Creator of civilization Creator of civilization 0 Episode one passed 60
Creator of technology Creator of technology 0 Episode two passed 45
Creator of modernity Creator of modernity 0 Episode three passed 45
Creator of magic Creator of magic 0 Episode four passed 55
God of fun God of fun 0 Games created 20
Brilliant inventor Brilliant inventor 0 Episode one passed without hints 150
Deity of darkness Deity of darkness 0 All bad things created 20
God of patience God of patience 0 All reactions revealed 130
Doodle bar Doodle bar 0 All drinks created 20
Half the kingdom Half the kingdom 0 "Save the Princess" quest passed 20
Practice makes perfect Practice makes perfect 0 Element created 3 or more times 10
Similar to similar Similar to similar 0 Similar elements reacted 10
Master of alchemy Master of alchemy 0 All reactions with philosopher's stone discovered 30
Master of the worlds Master of the worlds 0 All episodes passed without hints 200
Master of the New Year Master of the New Year 0 "Run Santa, Run!" quest completed 30
Virtues Virtues 0 "Sins vs Virtues" quest completed 20
20th century 20th century 0 "20th_century" quest completed 35
Robinzon Robinzon 0 "Robinson" quest completed 30