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The Skylia Prophecy Achievements

Full list of The Skylia Prophecy achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Skylia Prophecy has 12 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The First Step! The First Step! 0 You have completed the first test 200
Oh Noooooooo…. Oh Noooooooo…. 0 I hope you haven't hurt yourself too much. 40
A Good Way For A Killer A Good Way For A Killer 0 It was hard? 200
Really? Out Of Mana?! Really? Out Of Mana?! 0 I hope you don't have a headache 40
Tree Lover Tree Lover 0 How much beauty in this tree 90
Go Away, This Is MINE! Go Away, This Is MINE! 0 What did you find in the chest? 40
Kaboom! Kaboom! 0 It looked indestructible, but you did it 60
Help me! Help me! 0 You feel better? 50
Hello World Hello World 0 How much talk 70
Hey Doctor, What else? Hey Doctor, What else? 0 You were almost dead 70
I Can Feel The Mana! I Can Feel The Mana! 0 Mana is not doping 70
Oh God! Seriously?! Oh God! Seriously?! 0 I think you are exaggerating. Are you afraid of dying? 70