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Pure Hold'em Achievements

Full list of Pure Hold'em achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Pure Hold'em has 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First of many First of many 0 Won a Hand 10
Card Shark Card Shark 0 Won 100 hands 30
Bluffed Bluffed 0 Bluffed your opponents to win a hand 10
Poker Face Poker Face 0 Bluffed to win 20 hands 30
I Know Poker I Know Poker 0 Completed the tutorial 10
Be my guest Be my guest 0 Hosted a private table 10
Been there, done that Been there, done that 0 Played at least one hand on all of the tables 70
Winner Takes All Winner Takes All 0 Won a Pure Hold'Em tournament 10
Tournament 20 Tournament 20 0 Won 20 Pure Hold'Em tournaments 30
Better Luck this Time Better Luck this Time 0 Played a second game of High/Low on the same day 10
Black Jack Black Jack 0 Reached level 21 30
Double Your Stack Double Your Stack 0 Doubled the amount of chips you bought in with 10
Generous Soul Generous Soul 0 Sent 10 Gifts 10
Handsome Reward Handsome Reward 0 Won a pot worth over 1000 chips 10
Host with the Most Host with the Most 0 Hosted 10 Private tables 10
Invitation Accepted Invitation Accepted 0 Accepted an Invitation to join a Private Table 10
Joking Around Joking Around 0 Earned 100 credits on the Jokers Table. 10
Juicy Bonus Juicy Bonus 0 Won the maximum pot in 100 games of High/Low 30
Laydown Laydown 0 Folded a strong hand 10
Learning the Ropes Learning the Ropes 0 Reached level 10 10
Mega-Bucks Mega-Bucks 0 Won a pot worth over 100,000 chips 70
Millionaire Millionaire 0 Won a career total of over 1 million credits 30
Mr Chips Mr Chips 0 Played a hand with 3 different chip sets 10
Nerves of Steel Nerves of Steel 0 Went all-in and won a hand 10
Nice View Nice View 0 Played at the Penthouse table 10
Nifty Fifty Nifty Fifty 0 Won 50 Hands 10
Not in this game.. Not in this game.. 0 Turned two consecutive cards of the same value in the High/Low Game 10
Oh Dear! Oh Dear! 0 Failed to Correctly Guess the first card in a game of High/Low 10
On a Roll On a Roll 0 Won 3 consecutive hands 10
Over Confident Over Confident 0 Went all-in and lost the lot 10
Pair of Pairs Pair of Pairs 0 Won with Two Pairs 10
Pocket Rockets Pocket Rockets 0 Got dealt 2 aces 30
Poker Ace Poker Ace 0 Won 100 online hands 30
Poker Pretender Poker Pretender 0 Won a hand against a player at level 10 or higher 10
Poker Tour Poker Tour 0 Played in a tournament on 3 different tables 30
Puppy Love Puppy Love 0 Gifted another player with a Puppy 30
Pure Poker Pure Poker 0 Reached level 100 70
Shrewd Mover Shrewd Mover 0 Folded 20 losing hands before the flop 10
Take the Money and Run Take the Money and Run 0 Left a table with 10 times the amount of chips you joined with 30
Three of a Kind Three of a Kind 0 Won with Three of a Kind 10
Up River Up River 0 Stole the win on the River card 10

Secret Achievements

Bronze Table Bronze Table 0 Won with One Pair 10
Four of a Kind Four of a Kind 0 Won with Four of a Kind 10
Full House Full House 0 Won with a Full House 10
Pick a card, any card Pick a card, any card 0 Played a hand with 3 different card packs 10
Played Your Cards Right Played Your Cards Right 0 Correctly guessed the final card in a game of High/Low 10
Poker Master Poker Master 0 Won a tournament on the Masters Table 70
Unbeatable Unbeatable 0 Won with a Straight Flush 10
Who did you say you were? Who did you say you were? 0 Won a hand against a player at level 50 or higher 30
Windfall Windfall 0 Won a pot worth over 10,000 chips 30