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The Wardrobe: Even Better Edition Achievements

Full list of The Wardrobe: Even Better Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Wardrobe: Even Better Edition has 28 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Drunkard Drunkard 0 Drunk Skinny 30
Guitar Solo Guitar Solo 0 Van Halen, I fear you not 30
Spoilertale Spoilertale 0 Here you go, some friendliness pellets 16
Psych Consult Psych Consult 0 Someone here has a couple of screws loose 30
Attempted Murder Attempted Murder 0 Take a life, are you NUTS?! 16
High Score High Score 0 AAA 30
Pixel hunting Pixel hunting 0 You have a good eye for a guy with no sockets 30
Obsessive–compulsive Disorder Obsessive–compulsive Disorder 0 Do you want some clomipramine? 30
Art Burst Art Burst 0 The last luncheon on the grass cost me my life 16
Speedrun Speedrun 0 Hey! Catch your breath, mate 80
Yoga Class Yoga Class 0 You're a real Zen master 80
Tu quoque, Prunus! Tu quoque, Prunus! 0 Pruna iacta est! 30
Wardrobe Wardrobe 0 Home sweet home 16
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith 0 It's-a Me, Ezio! 16
Pyromaniac Pyromaniac 0 Quo vadis? 16
Time Traveler Time Traveler 0 John Titor would be proud of you 30
Exorcist Exorcist 0 Not such an excellent day for an exorcism 30
Game Over Game Over 0 That was a bad idea, my friend 30
Not so Skinny Not so Skinny 0 Your weight is a lie 30

Secret Achievements

Triangle Triangle 0 Tutorial completed 16
Concrete Block Concrete Block 0 Have you forgotten something? 80
Close Encounter of the Third Kind Close Encounter of the Third Kind 0 Skinny phone home 80
666 666 0 Six! Six! Six! The number of the beast! 16
White Rabbit White Rabbit 0 Red pill, you take a trip to Wonderland 80
Sword Master Sword Master 0 You fight like a dairy farmer! 80
Reunification Reunification 0 Look who's risen from the dead! 16
WGE WGE 0 Remember to correctly dispose of your videogames cartridges 30
Everything under control Everything under control 0 You can't have problems if you don't have visitors creating problems 16