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Mutazione Achievements

Full list of Mutazione achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mutazione has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Welcome To Mutazione Welcome To Mutazione 0 Would it have killed them to put up a banner? 20
Wild Swimmer Wild Swimmer 0 Turns out you can just... relax in water. 20
Seasoned Sea Dog Seasoned Sea Dog 0 Sailed in the famous Sea Dragon. 20
Spirit Guide Spirit Guide 0 Found Semenya... or did she find you? 20
Apprentice Botanist Apprentice Botanist 0 Collected half the seeds in Mutazione. 70
Intermediate Botanist Intermediate Botanist 0 Collected three quarters of the seeds in Mutazione. 100
Expert Botanist Expert Botanist 0 An almost complete collection of seeds. 160
Spice Of Life Spice Of Life 0 A single garden with plants of all 7 moods. 70
Rebel Gardener Rebel Gardener 0 Planting against the grain. 70
Omnivore Omnivore 0 If it's on a plate... 20
Veggie Veggie 0 Environmentally friendly. 20
Vegan Vegan 0 Environmentally BFF. 70
Ravenous Ravenous 0 Hungry as heck. 100
Seasoned Explorer Seasoned Explorer 0 Not all who wander are lost. 70
N+1 N+1 0 The correct number of bikes. 70
Bug-a-Bed Bug-a-Bed 0 Why use an alarm clock when you can be trampled on by the local insect life? 20
Strange Dreams Strange Dreams 0 Well that was... foreboding. 20
Bloom Bloom 0 You know what you need to do. 20
Green Fingers Green Fingers 0 That's fine. Magical music gardens. Nothing to freak out about at all. 20
Group Photo Group Photo 0 Something to remember it all by... 20