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Crossbow Crusade Achievements

Full list of Crossbow Crusade achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Crossbow Crusade has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Transilvanian Hunger Transilvanian Hunger 0 Complete the first level 20
Ghostly race Ghostly race 0 Complete the fourth level 50
Ghostly flight Ghostly flight 0 Complete the eighth level 50
Ghostly cruise Ghostly cruise 0 Complete the twelfth level 50
Garden of no escape Garden of no escape 0 Defeat the Gardener (boss of level 3) 50
Which one is a witch? Which one is a witch? 0 Defeat the Witch (boss of level 7) 50
Cannibal's corpse Cannibal's corpse 0 Defeath the Cannibal (boss of level 11) 70
Long Live the King! Long Live the King! 0 Defeat the King (boss of final level) 100
Money! Money! 0 Collect 10 coins 10
Money, Money! Money, Money! 0 Collect 50 coins 50
Money, Money, Money! Money, Money, Money! 0 Collect 100 coins 100
Exorcist Exorcist 0 Destroy 10 enemies 10
Purifying flame Purifying flame 0 Destroy 72 enemies 72
You don't belong in this world! You don't belong in this world! 0 Destroy 100 enemies 100
Crossbow improver Crossbow improver 0 Purchase the first crossbow enhancement 10
Weapon of dreams Weapon of dreams 0 Purchase the second crossbow enhancement 30
Ultimate weapon Ultimate weapon 0 Purchase the final crossbow enhancement 70
Not a good day Not a good day 0 Die 9 times 5
One way ticket One way ticket 0 Assemble the first ticket (from two parts) 30
Keep on rollin', baby Keep on rollin', baby 0 Roll 33 times 33
At first he was a jumpman At first he was a jumpman 0 Jump 244 times 40