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Talisman: Digital Edition Achievements

Full list of Talisman: Digital Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Talisman: Digital Edition has 53 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Spell Master Spell Master 0 Earn the Spell Master reward 10 times. 10
Fate Weaver Fate Weaver 0 Earn the Fate Weaver reward 5 times. 10
Spirit Destroyer Spirit Destroyer 0 Earn the Spirit Destroyer reward 20 times. 10
Battle Master Battle Master 0 Earn the Battle Master reward 20 times. 10
Hag Deliverer Hag Deliverer 0 Earn the Hag Deliverer reward 10 times. 10
Poltergeist Exorcist Poltergeist Exorcist 0 Earn the Poltergeist Exorcist reward 10 times. 10
Pied Piper Pied Piper 0 Earn the Pied Piper reward 10 times. 10
Strongest Strongest 0 Earn the Strongest reward 20 times. 10
Most Intelligent Most Intelligent 0 Earn the Most Intelligent reward 20 times. 10
Trophy Master Trophy Master 0 Earn the Trophy Master reward 10 times. 10
PvP Master PvP Master 0 Earn the PvP Master reward 5 times. 10
Big Spender Big Spender 0 Earn the Big Spender reward 10 times. 10
Winner! Winner! 0 Earn the Winner! reward 5 times. 10
Revenge! Revenge! 0 Earn the Revenge! reward 10 times. 10
Dual Wielder Dual Wielder 0 As the Warrior, kill an enemy with two weapons. 10
Tough Tough 0 As the Troll, heal yourself after rolling a 6 to move. 10
Undecided Undecided 0 As the Druid, change your alignment. 20
Powerful Powerful 0 As the Wizard, raise your total Craft to 10. 20
Peaceful Peaceful 0 As the Monk, increase your Pray score. 20
Assassination Assassination 0 As the Assassin, assassinate any creature or character. 20
Graceful Graceful 0 As the Elf, move between two Woods spaces. 20
Home Home 0 As the Dwarf, travel to the Mines. 20
Undead Undead 0 As the Ghoul, raise an Enemy as a Follower. 20
Charming Charming 0 As the Minstrel, charm any Animal. 20
Thief Thief 0 As the Thief, steal an Object from the Village. 20
Persuasive Persuasive 0 As the Sorceress, beguile another character. 20
Prophesy Prophesy 0 As the Prophetess, replace any Adventure Card. 20
Spirit Slayer Spirit Slayer 0 As the Priest, destroy a Ghost. 20
Row Your Boat Row Your Boat 0 Use a Raft to cross the river. 10
Best of Two out of Three Best of Two out of Three 0 Win a Dice With Death encounter. 10
St. George St. George 0 Kill a Dragon using the Holy Lance. 10
Battle Toad Battle Toad 0 Win a Battle as a Toad. 20
The Exorcist The Exorcist 0 Use the Cross to kill a Demon. 10
Traversing the Void Traversing the Void 0 Teleport 3 times in 1 turn. 25
Beasts of Burden Beasts of Burden 0 Collect 8 Objects in one game. 10
The Midas Touch The Midas Touch 0 Alchemise 8 objects in one game. 15
Touch of Death Touch of Death 0 Take the last life of every player in a 6 player game (in combat). 30
Denied! Denied! 0 Get yourself killed whilst someone is on the Crown of Command. 10
A Challenger Has Appeared A Challenger Has Appeared 0 Kill a player already on the Crown of Command. 10
These Are Not the Cards You Are Looking For These Are Not the Cards You Are Looking For 0 Prevent someone from casting Divination. 10
Escape Artist Escape Artist 0 Escape from the Temple on the first try. 10
I Go Where I Please! I Go Where I Please! 0 Prevent someone from immobilising you. 10
My First Runestone! My First Runestone! 0 Unlock your first Runestone. 10
They Come in Gold?! They Come in Gold?! 0 Unlock your first Gold Runestone. 50
The Warlock Would Be Proud The Warlock Would Be Proud 0 Unlock all Runestones. 100
YOU SHALL NOT CAST!! YOU SHALL NOT CAST!! 0 Prevent the same person from casting spells 3 times in one game. 10
Royal Entourage Royal Entourage 0 Have the Prince and Princess as followers at the same time. 10
Online Adventurer Online Adventurer 0 Finish 5 online games. 50
Unbeliever Unbeliever 0 Win a game without using fate. 10
Immortal Immortal 0 Win a game without losing a life. 10
No Contest No Contest 0 Win the game within the first 10 rounds. 60
Learning the Ropes Learning the Ropes 0 Reach level 10. 40
Taking the Reins Taking the Reins 0 Reach level 20. 60