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Violett Remastered Achievements

Full list of Violett Remastered achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Violett Remastered has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Fly trapped! Fly trapped! 0 Capture the buzzing fly 10
The bestiary The bestiary 0 Collect all pages from uncles diary 40
Safety first! Safety first! 0 Put on the helmet, it's for your own safety 10
Tick Tock Tick Tock 0 Become a clock expert 10
Snail treat Snail treat 0 Feed the Giant Snail Father with a fair share of crabs 10
Supercharged Supercharged 0 Collect all but one of the orbs 100
Petite-maîtresse Petite-maîtresse 0 Change your clothing five times 15
Ground is lava Ground is lava 0 Defeat Her Spiderness without using earth powers 20
Melody pops Melody pops 0 Find three hidden whistle pops 15
Master of earth Master of earth 0 Collect 90% of green orbs 50
Master of water Master of water 0 Collect 90% of blue orbs 50
Master of air Master of air 0 Collect 90% of celadon orbs 50
Master of elements Master of elements 0 Collect 90% of all orbs 150
Apprentice of earth Apprentice of earth 0 Collect 50% of green orbs 25
Apprentice of water Apprentice of water 0 Collect 50% of blue orbs 25
Apprentice of air Apprentice of air 0 Collect 50% of celadon orbs 25
Apprentice of elements Apprentice of elements 0 Collect 50% of all orbs 75
Garçon de cuisine Garçon de cuisine 0 Touch every piece of cookware 10
Stubborn as a mule Stubborn as a mule 0 Keep on doing pointless action 10
Doctor Watson Doctor Watson 0 Use 10 hints only to finish the Game 100
Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes 0 Finish the Game without using any hints 200