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Maid of Sker - Challenges Achievements

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Maid of Sker - Challenges has 10 achievements worth 200 gamerscore

The Long Night The Long Night 0 Complete Challenge "The Long Night" 15
Nightmare at the Hotel Nightmare at the Hotel 0 Complete Challenge "Nightmare at the Hotel" 15
In Darkness In Darkness 0 Complete Challenge "In Darkness" 15
Axe of Kindness Axe of Kindness 0 Complete Challenge "Axe of Kindness" 15
The Longest Night The Longest Night 0 Receive an "A*" Grade in "The Long Night" 15
Hell at the Hotel Hell at the Hotel 0 Receive an "A*" Grade in "Nightmare at the Hotel" 35
In Complete Darkness In Complete Darkness 0 Receive an "A*" Grade in "In Darkness" 15
Axeman Axeman 0 Receive an "A*" Grade in "Axe of Kindness" 15
Head of the Hotel Head of the Hotel 0 Finish any challenge with more than 150 headshots 30
Make Love, Not War Make Love, Not War 0 Finish any challenge with less than 10 kills 30

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