Draw a Stickman: EPIC Achievements

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There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

A Good Start A Good Start 0 Collect your first puzzle piece 5
Anti-Hypnotist Anti-Hypnotist 0 Defeat Grave Decisions without hypnotizing any zombies 20
Back Door Back Door 0 Create a back door into the ice fortress on Penguin Prison Break 15
Be Creative Be Creative 0 Find every letter on the secret puzzle level 50
Bee Lad Bee Lad 0 Find the Lad of Los in The Bee's Knees 50
Blast-Off! Blast-Off! 0 Fire your stickman out of a cannon 15
Bucket List Bucket List 0 Defeat Buckets n' Bunnies without drawing any rain clouds 20
Color Buddy Color Buddy 0 Find all of the color buddies hidden throughout Epic! 20
Customs Inspector Customs Inspector 0 Open every container on Pirate's Plunder 20
Epic Stickman Epic Stickman 0 Unlock every level 40
Every Day Every Day 0 Defeat the dragon and unlock the chest on the puzzle level 25
Firebug Firebug 0 Draw 100 fires 10
Friend of Frith Friend of Frith 0 Complete Cuddle Bunny Peak without killing any bunnies 10
Hungry Lil' Critter Hungry Lil' Critter 0 Get a bunny to grow to its maximum size 20
Hypnotist Hypnotist 0 Defeat Grave Decisions with all zombies hypnotized 15
King Penguin King Penguin 0 Unleash king penguin to destroy the ice fortress on Penguin Prison Break 15
Lava Lad Lava Lad 0 Find the Lad of Los in Volcanic Valley 50
Lumberjack Lumberjack 0 Chop down 50 trees 10
Monster Slayer Monster Slayer 0 Slay your first Armakillo 20
Paul Bunyan Paul Bunyan 0 Chop down 500 trees 30
Pencil Master Pencil Master 0 Draw with every pencil 10
Pirate Lad Pirate Lad 0 Find the Lad of Los on Pirate's Plunder 50
Pumpkin Master Pumpkin Master 0 Defeat Grave Decisions with all jack-o'-lanterns lit 20
Puzzle Master Puzzle Master 0 Collect all of the puzzle pieces 30
Pyromaniac Pyromaniac 0 Draw 1000 fires 40
Quick Draw Vengeance Quick Draw Vengeance 0 Defeat Zarp 75
Rainy Day Rainy Day 0 Rain on every flower in Stickenstein's Monster 15
Sconce Boss Sconce Boss 0 Light every torch in Zarp's Fortress 20
Stick-Adventurer Stick-Adventurer 0 Unlock 6 levels 20
Stick-Avenger Stick-Avenger 0 Slay all the armakillos in The Battle of Stickopolis 20
Stick-Daredevil Stick-Daredevil 0 Take damage without dying 100 times 20
Stick-Explorer Stick-Explorer 0 Unlock 3 levels 10
Stick-Pacifist Stick-Pacifist 0 Disable the tentacles without slaying the armakillo 20
Stick-Voyager Stick-Voyager 0 Unlock 9 levels 30
Stormy Night Stormy Night 0 Draw your first lightning cloud 5
Thorough Thorough 0 Open 100 containers 15
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Discover the secret chest in Volcanic Valley 20
Troll Wrangler Troll Wrangler 0 Get the spiders to web up the troll 20
Very Thorough Very Thorough 0 Open 500 containers 35
Where are My Dragons Where are My Dragons 0 Hatch all of the dragons in Dragon Omelet 15
Winter Lad Winter Lad 0 Find the Lad of Los on Penguin Prison Break 50

Draw a Stickman: EPIC - Friend's Journey

There are 10 achievements with a total of 200 points.

A Clue! A Clue! 0 Collect your first map piece 10
The Path Is Clear The Path Is Clear 0 Collect all 9 map pieces 40
Fright Club Fright Club 0 Have Stickenstein beat up 5 zombies in Maze the Dead 30
Heartless Heartless 0 Poor bunnies... (Deja Phew) 10
Rabbit Wrangling Rabbit Wrangling 0 Herd a bunny to Bunny Island in Deja Phew 20
Dragon Momma's Hoard Dragon Momma's Hoard 0 Unlock all the chests in The Dragon's Treasure 20
Troll Hunter Troll Hunter 0 Defeat both trolls in The Troll Returns 20
Orcist Orcist 0 Defeat every goblin in Pirate's Booty Boneyard 30
Fork In The Road Fork In The Road 0 Take the shortcut in It's Getting Hot in Here 10
Risky Business Risky Business 0 Beat Mine Your Own Beeswax without raining on any flowers 10