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Bus Simulator 21 Achievements

Full list of Bus Simulator 21 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Bus Simulator 21 has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Welcome to Angel Shores Welcome to Angel Shores 0 Finished the tutorial in Angel Shores 15
New and Shiny New and Shiny 0 Bought a bus in a dealership 15
Hop On Hop On 0 Finished your first mission in Angel Shores 15
There is no Accounting for Taste There is no Accounting for Taste 0 Customized a bus 15
Connecting Dots Connecting Dots 0 Created a new route 15
Stop and Go Stop and Go 0 Leveled up a bus stop 15
Flexibility is Key Flexibility is Key 0 Bought your first bendy bus 30
Double the Fun Double the Fun 0 Bought your first double decker bus 30
Island Tourism Island Tourism 0 Finished 10 missions in Angel Shores 15
A New Job A New Job 0 Finished 20 missions in Angel Shores 15
Sunny View Sunny View 0 Finished 30 missions in Angel Shores 15
All Around the Shore All Around the Shore 0 Unlocked a bus stop in every district of Angel Shores 30
Unlock the Transit Station Unlock the Transit Station 0 Unlocked the transit station 15
Saving the World Saving the World 0 Charged an e-bus using the loading station 30
I'm the Boss I'm the Boss 0 Took over a bus from another driver using the route menu 30
Always on Time Always on Time 0 Changed a value in the timetable 15
Pedal to the Metal Pedal to the Metal 0 Drove 1000 kilometers 30
Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty 0 Woke up an asleep passenger 15
Fare Dodger Fare Dodger 0 Caught a passenger without a valid ticket 15
Clone Army Clone Army 0 Have ten buses of the same model 15
Strategist Strategist 0 Created a perfectly balanced route with at least 10 bus stops 30
Are you Steerious? Are you Steerious? 0 Complete a slalom course without running over a trafic cone 15
Allstar Allstar 0 Got a 5 star rating on a route 30
That's Art That's Art 0 Used 10 different decals on a single bus 30
Gotta Catch 'Em All! Gotta Catch 'Em All! 0 Bought all buses from the base game 50
King of the Bay King of the Bay 0 Finished all missions in Angel Shores 50
Hidden Treasure Hidden Treasure 0 Found a collectible in Angel Shores 15
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Found 10 collectibles in Angel Shores 30
Hoarder of Hidden Things Hoarder of Hidden Things 0 Found all collectibles in Angel Shores 50
Haunted House Haunted House 0 Found the haunted house in Angel Shores 30
Monster Hunting Monster Hunting 0 Found the "SAM" statue in Eclipse Bay 30
Still Alive Still Alive 0 Found the "SAM" statue on Gold Island 30
Old Stager Old Stager 0 Found five collectibles in Seaside Valley 15
Hiker Hiker 0 Found all collectibles in Seaside Valley 50
Welcome Back to Seaside Valley Welcome Back to Seaside Valley 0 Finish a mission in Seaside Valley 15
Key to the City Key to the City 0 Finish all missions in Seaside Valley 50
King of the World King of the World 0 Finish all missions in Angel Shores and Seaside Valley 90