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Out of Line Achievements

Full list of Out of Line achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Out of Line has 16 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Out of Line Out of Line 0 Complete every achievement 200
Here Comes the San Here Comes the San 0 San falls inside the factory 20
One of many... One of many... 0 Collect the first memory cube 20
Half of many... Half of many... 0 Collect half the memory cubes 50
All of many All of many 0 Collect all memory cubes 150
Nice defense! Nice defense! 0 Throw a spear against a Beetle 20
Safety Hazard Safety Hazard 0 Boulder falls on your head 30
Total recall Total recall 0 Recall a spear for the first time 20
It's a boomerang! It's a boomerang! 0 Throw your spear and retrieve it 3 times without it touching any surface 50
Probably just a glitch Probably just a glitch 0 Escape from the factory 20
Big problems, small solutions Big problems, small solutions 0 Help Big Guy 50
How I met your mother How I met your mother 0 Help Big Momma 100
Pipe Dreams Pipe Dreams 0 Help Old Guy 50
Clawless Victory Clawless Victory 0 Defeat the last claw 100
Gears of Chore Gears of Chore 0 Power every gear nest at least once 20
It was always the San It was always the San 0 Finish the game 100