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Full Mojo Rampage Achievements

Full list of Full Mojo Rampage achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Full Mojo Rampage has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Baron Samedi's follower Baron Samedi's follower 0 Complete Quest 1 40
Brigitte's follower Brigitte's follower 0 Complete Quest 2 40
Damballah's follower Damballah's follower 0 Complete Quest 3 40
The initiated The initiated 0 Complete Quest 4 40
The last survivor The last survivor 0 Complete survival mode 40
The gladiator The gladiator 0 Complete survival mode in masochistic difficulty 40
Team play Team play 0 Play in cooperative mode 40
Team work Team work 0 Complete a quest in cooperative mode 40
The gold finder The gold finder 0 Pick up 1000 coins 40
The gold master The gold master 0 Pick up 10000 coins 40
The champion The champion 0 Unlock the champion mask 40
The summoner The summoner 0 Unlock all the gods 40
The collector The collector 0 Find all the items from the library 40
Level up Level up 0 Reach max level 40
Kill Streak Kill Streak 0 Get 10 frags in a PVP row without being killed 40
The speaker The speaker 0 Talk to 3 different gods in a single match 40
The tough guy The tough guy 0 Kill an enemy when you are heavily wounded (1% of life or less) 40
Gold medal Gold medal 0 Get the best score in a PVP match 40
Mandingo slayer	Mandingo slayer 0 Kill Mandingo without being damaged 40
Little worm Little worm 0 Kill Wormling without being damaged 40
The Houngan Sur Pwen The Houngan Sur Pwen 0 Complete all the quests in "Hardcore" difficulty 40
The Houngan The Houngan 0 Complete all the quests in "Annoying" difficulty 40
The Houngan Asogwe The Houngan Asogwe 0 Complete all the quests in "Definitely not easy" difficulty 40
The Bokor The Bokor 0 Complete all the quests in "WTH is this?" difficulty 40
The Loa The Loa 0 Complete all the quests in "This is VOODOOOO!" difficulty 40