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AVATAR Frontiers of Pandora Achievements

Full list of AVATAR Frontiers of Pandora achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

AVATAR Frontiers of Pandora has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Our Reclamation Our Reclamation 0 Complete the main campaign. 55
No Easy Prey No Easy Prey 0 Defeat a thanator (non-feral) 55
Talk to the Ancestors Talk to the Ancestors 0 Unlock three Ancestor Skills. 20
Sprouting Potential Sprouting Potential 0 Touch 20 tarsyu saplings. 20
Full Bloom Full Bloom 0 Touch 20 bellsprigs. 20
Tethered Kites Tethered Kites 0 Collect all windswept kites. 36
First Strike First Strike 0 Complete the quest Becoming. 20
Aranahe Alliance Aranahe Alliance 0 Complete the quest Pushing Back. 20
Stronger Together Stronger Together 0 Complete the quest Combined Forces. 20
Clearing the Mist Clearing the Mist 0 Complete the quest Revelations. 20
Eco Warrior Eco Warrior 0 Complete the quest Rising Pressure. 36
Doll Collector Doll Collector 0 Collect all windswept dolls. 36
Data Retriever Data Retriever 0 Complete all recon retrievals. 36
Wildlife Expert Wildlife Expert 0 Unlock 20 Hunter's Guide entries for gatherable wildlife. 20
Great Gatherer Great Gatherer 0 Unlock 30 Hunter's Guide entries for gatherable plants. 20
A Good Listener A Good Listener 0 Collect 30 audio logs. 36
Peak Performance Peak Performance 0 Unlock an Apex Skill. 55
Little by Little Little by Little 0 Defeat 10 RDA installations. 36
Hit Them Where It Hurts Hit Them Where It Hurts 0 Defeat five RDA outposts. 36
Story Guardian Story Guardian 0 Collect 30 notes. 36
Cooking Pot Pro Cooking Pot Pro 0 Unlock three recipes for specialty dishes. 20
Apprentice Crafter Apprentice Crafter 0 Craft a weapon or gear piece of 'superior' rarity or higher. 20
Father and Son in the Stars Father and Son in the Stars 0 Collect all treasure hunt comics. 36
Reclaim Pandora Reclaim Pandora 0 Reach an air quality level of 100%. 55
In Harmony In Harmony 0 Tune all aeolian wind flutes. 36
Vision of the Ancestors Vision of the Ancestors 0 Complete all Sarentu totem interactions. 36
Mushroom Navigator Mushroom Navigator 0 Complete 10 Mycelium Network activities. 36
Fleet-Footed Fleet-Footed 0 Follow all the bladewing moths to their nests 36
One with the Clans One with the Clans 0 Complete part 3 of the Aranahe Community, Zeswa Community, and Kame'tire Community side quests. 36
Kinglor Carer Kinglor Carer 0 Complete the final Steady Wings side quest 36
Becoming Na'vi Becoming Na'vi 0 Unlock 3 skills in each skill tree 20