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Q-YO Blaster Achievements

Full list of Q-YO Blaster achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Q-YO Blaster has 16 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Defeat Mr. Garrison Defeat Mr. Garrison 0 Poor Mr. Garrison 60
Defeat Queen Bee Defeat Queen Bee 0 Defeat Queen of the 6th floor 60
Defeat Arvo Defeat Arvo 0 Defeat Arvo 737B 60
Defeat Space Witch Defeat Space Witch 0 Defeat Space Witch 60
Defeat Dragunfly Defeat Dragunfly 0 Defeat Dragunfly machine 60
Free a friend Free a friend 0 Defeat Himmel 1 60
Defeat the thieves Defeat the thieves 0 Defeat the four thieves 60
Defeat the last boss Defeat the last boss 0 Defeat the big Monster 60
You have One Million...of points You have One Million...of points 0 Get 1000000 points 60
Silly Space Witch Silly Space Witch 0 The Witch is defeated by her own attack 60
Mayor Tommi Mayor Tommi 0 Can you hear me, mayor Tommi? 60
Good trip, little sailor Good trip, little sailor 0 Defeat the annoying worm 60
Without Continues Without Continues 0 Finish game without continuing 100
From beginning to end like expert From beginning to end like expert 0 Complete a game from beginning to end in expert difficulty 60
Bye Bye Baceterium Bye Bye Baceterium 0 Defeat Maximum Bacterium 60
Dr. Robobug Eggbug Debug Dr. Robobug Eggbug Debug 0 Defeat Dr. Robobug 60