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Ice Cream Surfer Achievements

Full list of Ice Cream Surfer achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ice Cream Surfer has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Recollect all Letters Recollect all Letters 0 Recollect all Ice Cream letters in different levels 50
Ace Ace 0 Finish game with Ace 50
Sailor Twister Sailor Twister 0 Finish game with Sailor Twister 50
Rei Tou Rei Tou 0 Finish game with Rei Tou 50
Hima Hima 0 Finish game with Hima 50
Super Cream Super Cream 0 Finish game with Super Cream 50
Hot day Hot day 0 Die 50 times 50
Easy Cream Easy Cream 0 Pass the game in difficulty easy 25
Middle Cream Middle Cream 0 Pass the game in difficulty middle 50
Hard Cream Hard Cream 0 Pass the game in difficulty hard 120
Highscore Master Highscore Master 0 Obtain 30.000 poins 120
Verdurator Verdurator 0 Kill 1000 vegetables 100
Rich Man Rich Man 0 Recollect 8.000 gems 100
Ice Cream Man Ice Cream Man 0 Recollect 60 tub of ice cream 100
Comic Comic 0 Read the comic 35