Inside My Radio Achievements

Seaven Studio
Iceberg Interactive

There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Get Up, Stand Up Get Up, Stand Up 0 Jumpstart the heart of the boombox 10
Rhythm is a dancer Rhythm is a dancer 0 Try the 9 rhythmic combinations in the first level 30
Arachnaphobiac Arachnaphobiac 0 Squash 10 spiders in the same run 30
Make a wish Make a wish 0 Find the secret area in the second electro level 40
Ups-and-downs Ups-and-downs 0 Collect all elevator sounds in the third electro level 30
Mixmaster Mixmaster 0 Interact with all of the buttons of the mixing table 30
Muzak Lover Muzak Lover 0 Change the ambiant music 20 times in the same run 20
Pitch Perfect Pitch Perfect 0 Perform a perfect at the piano mini game 30
Very Important Player Very Important Player 0 Open the three VIP doors 30
Everybody sing now! Everybody sing now! 0 Turn on each character of the sequencer 10
Keepie-uppie Keepie-uppie 0 Bounce 5 times on the same bumper 20
What don't you get? What don't you get? 0 Miss 5 actions in a row 20
Rhythm in your soul Rhythm in your soul 0 Finish a level without rhytmic help 20
Beat Machine Beat Machine 0 Pulse 20 times in one run 20
Cap'n Taek Cap'n Taek 0 Finish all electro levels 90
Barry People Barry People 0 Finish all disco levels 50
Root Scratch Root Scratch 0 Finish all dub levels 70
Dancing Queen Dancing Queen 0 Beat the disco boss 60
Cool Runnings Cool Runnings 0 Beat the dub boss 80
Get Tricky Get Tricky 0 Win the final battle 100
Road Runner Road Runner 0 Finish all Time Attack levels 100
Turbo Turbo 0 Finish one Time Attack level 30
It's over 9000! It's over 9000! 0 Get a score of over 500 000 000 in Time Attack mode 50
Monster Combo Monster Combo 0 Get the maximum score in Time Attack mode 30