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The Innsmouth Case Achievements

Full list of The Innsmouth Case achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Innsmouth Case has 23 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

One Night Stand One Night Stand 0 Spent a night with Dahlia 10
BFFs BFFs 0 Became friends with Jonah 10
Penny Pincher(MIser) Penny Pincher(MIser) 0 Used dirty methods to avoid payment 10
Not On My Watch Not On My Watch 0 Overpowered the gawper 25
I Want To Believe – The I Files I Want To Believe – The I Files 0 Found a couple of weird City Hall records 25
Video Games are Evil Video Games are Evil 0 Played a creepy Arcade Game 10
History Lesson History Lesson 0 Discovered fragments from Innsmouth’s history 30
Ancient Spice Ancient Spice 0 Slept with Priscilla 30
Karma Karma 0 Wrongdoings have consequences 90
Welcome to the Hotel Massachusetts Welcome to the Hotel Massachusetts 0 Survived a night in the Gilman Hotel 90
Cthulhu fhtagn! Cthulhu fhtagn! 0 Played through all endings 90
Seen it All Seen it All 0 Discovered all of Innsmouth 90
Vegan, by the way Vegan, by the way 0 Mentioned your vegan lifestyle 3 times 90

Secret Achievements

Strong Willed Strong Willed 0 Didn’t touch the cube in the lighthouse 30
Survivor Survivor 0 Wendy survived the wellness treatment 90
It Must Be A Mask It Must Be A Mask 0 Slept with a fish creature 10
Wall of the Weird Wall of the Weird 0 Snooped through an abandoned hotel room 30
Compassion Compassion 0 Dahlia spared your life 90
Is this the bathroom? Is this the bathroom? 0 Snooped through the Marsh Family records 30
By Any Means Necessary By Any Means Necessary 0 Seduced Ethel 10
Pain in the.... Pain in the.... 0 Annoyed Dahlia to death 90
Savior Savior 0 Saved from the stake by George 10
Hard Truths Hard Truths 0 Traumatized Evelyn 10