Pure Pool: Snooker Achievements

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There are 7 achievements with a total of 100 points.

Where's the cueball going? Where's the cueball going? 0 Pot the Black ball and the Cueball 10
Like a Hurricane Like a Hurricane 0 Get below 60 seconds in the Snooker Colours challenge 10
Total Snooker Total Snooker 0 Get over 50 points in the Snooker Breakpoint challenge 10
80, not out.. 80, not out.. 0 Make a break of over 80 10
It's the Championship shot It's the Championship shot 0 Complete the snooker career 20
Maximum break Maximum break 0 Score the maximum of 147 in a single turn 30

Secret Achievements

Interesting. You're better than Steve! Interesting. You're better than Steve! 0 Win more than 73 games 10

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