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Lost In Random Achievements

Full list of Lost In Random achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Lost In Random has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Lost In Random Lost In Random 0 Completed the Game. 100
Checkmate Checkmate 0 Won your first board game. 30
En Garde! En Garde! 0 Went unscathed for 5 minutes in battle. 30
Resourceful Resourceful 0 Completed a battle without using any weapon cards. 30
Card Collector Card Collector 0 Bought all the cards Mannie Dex has to offer. 30
Dice and Slice Dice and Slice 0 Defeated 3 of the Queen's minions using the same Dice Slice. 30
The Menace The Menace 0 Shot 50 pots. 30
Go Fetch! Go Fetch! 0 Opened your first dice door. 15
Knock Knock Knock Knock 0 Went home and knocked instead of following the glowing figure. 40
Third Time's a Charm Third Time's a Charm 0 Tried to open the gate to Threedom prematurely. 30
All In All In 0 Played 8 cards in the same round. 15
Bombastic Bombastic 0 Defeated 3 of the Queen's minions using one bomb. 15
Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time 0 Collected all of the lost storybook pages. 30
Ghost Story Ghost Story 0 Helped the lost girl in Threedom. 15
Gazoo, Gazaak! Gazoo, Gazaak! 0 Won a game of Gazoo, Gazaak! 15
Bern, Baby, Bern Bern, Baby, Bern 0 Helped Bernie find his way over Talkie Walkie. 15
Closure Closure 0 Found and defeated the Shadowman once and for all. 15
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday 0 Finished the introduction. 15
Runaway Runaway 0 Stowed away on the boat leaving Onecroft. 15
You're a Dice Wielder, Even You're a Dice Wielder, Even 0 Got your own personal dice. 15
Whisked Away Whisked Away 0 Returned to Random. 15
One Way Ticket To Sixtopia One Way Ticket To Sixtopia 0 Sneaked aboard the spider gondola. 15
Without a Trace Without a Trace 0 Met the Witch of the Valley. 15
Down the Rabbit Hole Down the Rabbit Hole 0 Received your dream card. 15
Not Over Until the Nanny Sings Not Over Until the Nanny Sings 0 Fought and escaped the Nanny. 15
Dockworker Dockworker 0 Solved the puzzle in Onecroft. 30
Bridger Bridger 0 Solved the tower puzzle in Two-Town. 30
Upside Downtowner Upside Downtowner 0 Solved the puzzle in the Upside Downtown. 30
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter 0 Solved the puzzle in Threedom. 30
Catapult Slinger Catapult Slinger 0 Solved the puzzle in Fourburg. 30
Tinkerer Tinkerer 0 Solve the puzzle in Fivetropolis. 30
Master Puzzler Master Puzzler 0 Solved all of the puzzles. 95

Secret Achievements

Two Sides of the Same Coin Two Sides of the Same Coin 0 United the two sides of the Mayor. 15
Grown-ups Do the Talking Grown-ups Do the Talking 0 Found all of the clues to spark Neeshka's memory. 15
A Dicey Situation A Dicey Situation 0 Reunited with Dicey. 15
Back on Track Back on Track 0 Got a pep talk from Death. 15
Served Served 0 Defeated Royam in Rhyme Battle. 15
A Grim Fairy Tale A Grim Fairy Tale 0 Defeated the Bag Brothers. 15
Ding Dong Ding Dong 0 Defeated the Nanny. 15
Through Thick and Thin Through Thick and Thin 0 You saved your sister. 15