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Sam & Max Save The World Achievements

Full list of Sam & Max Save The World achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Sam & Max Save The World has 12 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Soda Popper Soda Popper 0 Completed episode 1. 80
Reality Star Reality Star 0 Completed episode 2. 80
No Accomplishment Here No Accomplishment Here 0 Completed episode 3. 80
Greatest President Ever Greatest President Ever 0 Completed episode 4. 80
Internet Wizard Internet Wizard 0 Completed episode 5. 80
Saved the World Saved the World 0 Completed episode 6. 80

Secret Achievements

More Than Jerks More Than Jerks 0 Got Whizzer to sing the Soda Poppers song. 80
Dairy Creamer Dairy Creamer 0 Used the shaving cream on Bessy. 80
Rat King Rat King 0 Got a score of 21 or more on Whack Da Ratz. 80
Achievement Hunter Achievement Hunter 0 Found the easter egg at the White House. 80
Powerful Stash Powerful Stash 0 Found a “bug” in Sybil’s VR. 100
Headless Hugh Headless Hugh 0 Cut off Hugh Bliss' head. 100